The Long and Winding Road to High Reliability

by Fairview Microwave Although reliability engineering is a well-established discipline today, the concept itself has a long history of improvements made to ensure that electrical and electronic components are not only reliable but predictable. RF or microwave devices, subsystems, and systems have evolved in lockstep with the evolution of reliability engineering, and today even if […]

MMW Waveguide PIN Diode Switches

A new line of E- and W-band PIN diode waveguide switches is comprised of SPST and SPDT millimeter-wave waveguide switches that offer an ultra-broadband frequency range with fast switching performance. They are ideal for telecommunications, test instrumentation, R&D programs, and radar front ends in applications that involve general switching, receiver protection, pulse modulation, and antenna […]

Power Amplifier Accessories

A new family of RF and microwave power amplifier accessories includes heat sinks, heat sinks with cooling fans, and power control cable assemblies. The heat sinks in this line are ideal for thermal management of power amplifiers that can generate excessive levels of heat, and the power control cable assemblies are configured for select power […]

Coaxial RF Probes

A new, exclusive line of coaxial RF probes and a probe positioner has been released. This product line is comprised of four exclusive design coaxial RF probes and one RF PCB probe positioner.  The probes provide return loss better than 10 dB and a maximum operating frequency of 20 GHz. Compliant coaxial GSG (or GS) […]

Fixed Attenuators

A new line of quick connect attenuators is made up of 31 models that support operating frequency ranges from DC to 6 GHz. These attenuators are available with QMA, QN, or 4.3-10 connectors for easy mating. They feature VSWR as low as 1.15:1 and attenuation values from 0 to 20 dB. The 4.3-10 attenuator models […]

Millimeter-Wave End Launch Connectors

A new line of high-speed end launch connectors is comprised of four models that provide VSWR as low as 1.10:1 and a maximum operating frequency of 40 to 110 GHz, depending on the model. These connectors are reusable, do not require any soldering, and have a compact profile with a 0.350” mounting width and a […]

Connectors Keep Pace with Millimeter-Wave Advances

by  Fairview Microwave The spectral region above about 30 GHz hasn’t been densely populated, or at some frequencies, populated at all. There are well known reasons for this, from inhospitable propagation conditions to the lack of useful semiconductor technologies, and the fact that it’s extremely difficult to build components and systems when wavelengths are measured […]

Calibrated Noise Sources

Ten new calibrated noise source models cover frequency bands from 10 KHz to 18 GHz. They are most commonly used as a precision reference source to measure system level noise figure. Specific applications may involve increasing the dynamic range of analog to digital converters by dithering and reducing correlated noise, system, and component wireless testing; […]

Electromechanical Switches Designed for High Reliability

A new series of low insertion loss repeatability electromechanical switches exhibit low insertion loss repeatability guaranteed over millions of switching cycles. This performance is extremely useful to help maintain overall system measurement accuracy. Typical applications for these switches include test instrumentation, research and development, electronic countermeasures, electronic warfare, microwave radio, space systems, and radar. These […]

There’s No End in Sight for Waveguide

by Steven Pong, Product Manager, Fairview Microwave The RF and microwave industry may be awash in chipsets, but less flashy components still make up a sizeable portion of the market, and there’s no better example than waveguide. Considered archaic “plumbing” even by many microwave engineers, waveguide’s advantages still make it the best and sometimes only […]