The Role and Trending Requirements of RF Limiters in Multifunctional AESA Radar

by Fairview Microwave In the past few years, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar have transitioned from cutting-edge radar technology designed to be deployed on next-generation multi-role fighters, to capability and life extension systems for older aircraft and legacy radar designs. There are an increasing number of radars replaced with AESA systems, with one of […]

High Frequency Couplers

A new series of high frequency RF directional couplers is comprised of 24 new models that deliver excellent isolation, low insertion loss, and very good return loss. They have a high maximum operating frequency range from 26.5 to 67 GHz and are offered with 6, 10, 15, 20, and 30 dB coupling levels. FAIRVIEW MICROWAVE […]

Frequency Dividers with Compact and Rugged SMA Connectorized Packages

A new line of frequency divider modules covers broadband frequencies from 0.1 to 20 GHz. A comprehensive offering of 28 different models features fixed divide-by ratios from 2 to 40. These compact prescalers are ideal for use in frequency synthesizer and phase locked loop (PLL) circuit designs, as well as test instrumentation systems. These rugged […]

Hi-Rel RF Limiters

The company has just expanded its line of broadband, high power coaxial packaged limiters. Typical applications for these RF limiters include military communications, electronic warfare, fiber optic communication systems, instrumentation, SATCOM, radar, telecom, point-to-point wireless, and R&D. The line is now made up of 13 unique models that are designed to help protect sensitive components […]

Aluminum Waveguide to Coax Adapters

A new series of waveguide to coax adapters is ideal for a variety of applications and are MIL-DTL-22641 compliant in terms of their electrical performance and mechanical dimensions. The line consists of 50 models with aluminum construction for reduced weight and compatibility with existing aluminum systems. They support frequency ranges from 1.7 to 26.5 GHz […]

Tunnel Diode Detectors

A full line of coaxial-packaged tunnel diode detectors is ideal for proof-of-concept and prototype applications for military and commercial radar, aerospace and defense, SATCOM, test and measurement applications, and more. The line consists of 26 tunnel diode detector models that operate over octave and broadband frequencies ranging from 100 MHz to 26 GHz. These zero […]

An Introduction to Passive Interconnect for Millimeter-wave Test

by Fairview Microwave A few years ago, working with electronic signals at millimeter wave frequencies was almost exclusively the domain of advanced military and scientific applications. Consumer products did not exceed the 5.7GHz ISM band, and commercial satellite communications were bounded by the Ka-band at 27GHz.  The cost of high frequency semiconductor technologies limited their […]

Hi-Rel, Temperature Conditioned RF Cable Assemblies

These new low loss, pre-conditioned, high-reliability cables cover operating frequencies to 18 GHz and deliver VSWR as low as 1.35:1. This product line is made up of 128 configurations built from three different types of cable, totaling more than 1,400 parts all available with same-day shipping. These cable assemblies are constructed using thermally pre-conditioned, triple-shielded […]

Ultra-High Frequency Waveguide Antennas

A new line of waveguide antennas was designed to address wireless communication applications covering 40 to 220 GHz bands, including test and measurement, R&D, military/aerospace, and experimental radar. It is comprised of 85 new models covering a broad spectrum of millimeter wave frequencies (40 to 220 GHz). The waveguide sizes of these antennas range from […]

Defeating Interference in a Connected World

by Fairview Microwave The wireless industry may be short of available spectrum below 6 GHz, but it has interference in abundance, and there’s even more coming in the future. It’s not just from 5G, the most likely culprit, but also from the enormous number of wireless-enabled devices employed by IoT networks, connected vehicles, and expansion […]