High Power UHF Switched Filter Bank

The 3SFB-225/Q512-O switched filter bank is designed to filter spurious and harmonic signals generated by high-power amplifiers and transmitters by leveraging the company’s core competencies in low-loss, high power filters and PIN diode based switches. The module has been designed to manage the thermal concerns that arise with high power products and features an on-board […]

Manually Controlled Tunable Filter

The 5CTB-4000/6000-5-N/N is a manually controlled tunable filter covering 4000 to 6000 MHz. With a 3 dB bandwidth of 5% of the tuned center frequency and 50 dB rejection at 3.5 times that value, this filter achieves the low insertion loss of 1.0 dB maximum. K&L MICROWAVE (18)

Surface Mount Highpass Filters

A new family of miniature highpass filters has cutoff frequencies of 6 to 18 GHz. The filters guarantee rejection of 45 dB at 1/2 the 3 dB cutoff frequency and insertion loss of 2.5 dB maximum. The surface mount package measures 0.44 x 0.24 x 0.16”. K&L MICROWAVE   (14)

Band 5 Wireless Notch Filter

A new Band 5 wireless notch filter has been developed to protect the 800 MHz Public Safety Band from LTE Band 27 interference and emissions. The high Q design of part WSN-00418 provides minimal insertion loss in the two passbands (0.5 dB max. from 817 to 824 MHz, 1.25 dB max. from 862 to 863 […]

Digitally-Tuned Bandpass Filter

Today’s 4G wireless communication systems with carrier aggregation are predominantly using LTE signals modulated over several bandwidths, typically 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 MHz. Signals generally span from 700 to 6000 MHz. Filtering is often required to reduce harmonics and improve dynamic range when testing LTE products. To replace the large number of fixed […]