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High Performance Drop-In PIN Switches

The super-slim series of broadband, hermetically sealed switches offers fast switching speed and low insertion loss in very compact packages. Frequency range is 0.5 to 18 GHz. The switches are gold plated and have removable SMA connectors for use in drop-in applications. Integral TTL drivers. L3 NARDA-MITEQ (65)

Two- and Four-Way Power Dividers

These 2- and 4-way power dividers are precision, multi-octave units covering the frequency range from 2 to 18 GHz. They boast excellent phase and amplitude tracking, low input VSWR, and high isolation between output ports. These power dividers are supplied with Type N (F) connectors. L3 NARDA-MITEQ (12)

Dual Coaxial Reflectometer Coupler

Model 3022 is a high power unit that covers a frequency range of 1 to 4 GHz with a nominal coupling of 20 dB. This model boasts exceptionally high directivity, broadband frequency coverage, low VSWR, and is equipped with bilateral Type N male and female output ports. L3 NARDA-MITEQ (20)

Frequency Synthesizers

These synthesizers are capable of producing frequencies up to 50 GHz with multi-octave operational bandwidths. Wielding a rugged modular design, they can be customized for any type of interface, including standard USB or RS-422 4-wire. They are ideal for phase noise and frequency resolution requirements.  L3 NARDA-MITEQ (24)

Solid State PIN Diode Switches

This series of miniature reflective solid state PIN diode switches covers a frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz and is ideal for applications where size is critical. They offer low insertion loss, SPST and SP2T variants, integral TTL drivers, and a very small, hermetically sealed package.  L3 NARDA-MITEQ (17)

Double Balanced Mixer

Model M2640W1, a double balanced, wide IF bandwidth mixer, covers the frequency range of 26 to 40 GHz with IF operation from DC to 12 GHz. Offering a low conversion loss of 10 dB typical in a hermetically sealed, coaxial package, it is ideal for all applications. L3 NARDA-MITEQ (11)

Q-Band Low Noise Amplifier

Model JDM1-38004200-40-10P covers a frequency range of 38 to 42 GHz with broadband performance across the entire Q-band. It features ultra-low noise with gain choice, variable I/O interface options, a dual DC power supply, and a compact, lightweight package. Lower power models are also available with single supply. L3 NARDA-MITEQ (62)