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Microwave Rotary Joint for Satellite

An X-band rotary joint has been developed to meet the extremely demanding requirements of a satellite tracking system that transmits at a high pulsed power of 100kW, with a mean power of 4kW, over a wide frequency band of 2 GHz. Designed to transmit and receive at frequencies from 8.5 to 10.5 GHz, the tracking […]

Ka-Band Microwave Rotary Joint

A spaceflight-qualified microwave rotary joint and associated waveguide components have been designed and produced as part of a Ka-band antenna pointing mechanism (APM). Destined for use on LEO satellites, the Ka-band APM will enable the maximum amount of high-data-rate information to be transmitted to a ground station as the satellite completes its rapid transverse of […]

Coaxial Rotating Joint for Radar System

A complex, 700mm long, 8-channel rotating joint has been designed for use in an L-band shipborne long-range radar system. Enabling microwave signals to be fed to and from the radar antenna, the rotating joint features six PSR (primary surveillance radar) channels, each with a frequency range around 1400 MHz, and two SSR (secondary surveillance radar) […]

Integrated Rotary Joint and Slip-Ring Assembly

A compact, integrated rotary joint and slip-ring assembly (RJSA) has been introduced for use in the stabilized antennas of both commercial and military Ka-band satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) communication systems. These systems are deployed on mobile ground vehicles, ships, or aircraft to provide broadband network access for high-data-rate applications such as real-time high-definition video or transmission of […]