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Power Amplifier

The MAAP-011298 is a 2.3W, 4-stage power amplifier assembled in a lead-free 5mm 32-lead AQFN plastic package. This power amplifier operates from 27 to 31.5 GHz and provides 24.5 dB of linear gain, 2.3W saturated output power, and 26% efficiency while biased at 6V. Fabricated using a GaAs pHEMT process.    MACOM (4)

Two-Stage Hybrid GaN Module

The MAMG-100227-010C0L is a broadband two-stage GaN-on-Si hybrid power amplifier module in an air-cavity laminate package. A gold-plated copper heat sink is attached to the bottom side of the laminate substrate. The package can be accessed from the top or the bottom, allowing for “live bug” or “dead bug” mounting. This product is ideal for […]

Broadband, Multistage GaN-on-Si Power Amplifier Module

The MAMG-100227-010 broadband PA module is optimized for use in land mobile radio (LMR) systems, wireless public safety communications, and military tactical communications and electronic countermeasures (ECM). Combining the design efficiencies of a fully-matched (50 ohm), two-stage PA architecture with top-side and bottom-side mounting configurability, the unit is poised to enable unprecedented design flexibility for […]

GaAs SPDT Non-Reflective Switch

The MASW-011102 is a versatile, broadband, non-reflective, high isolation SPDT switch offered in a lead-free 3mm 14-lead PQFN surface mount plastic package. It operates from DC to 30 GHz and provides 40 dB isolation @ 30 GHz, low insertion loss of 1.8 dB @ 30 GHz, and fast switching speed. MACOM (10)

Power Detector Family

The new MACP Series of high-performance power detectors boast integrated, low loss directional couplers, optimized for power monitoring and leveling in point-to-point radios, ISM, radar, VSAT, EW, and aerospace and defense applications. The integrated solution of the directional coupler and temperature compensated detector circuit enables customers to dramatically simplify their system designs and lower BOM […]

VFTT – Macom

Doug Carlson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, RF & Microwave, MACOM MPD: The 2019 defense budget is chock full of EW, radar, and other programs with lots of RF and microwave content, so, if your company serves the defense market, what are your thoughts about how this will affect your business in the coming […]

Fast MRI Protection Diode

The MADP-009989 diode was designed to protect MRI receivers from high RF energy fields, including long RF pulses and RF spike pulses present in most MRI machines. This diode acts as a passive protector (limiter) for the MRI receiver. No forward bias voltage is required to turn on the diode. MACOM (17)

Low Noise Amplifier

The MAAL-011141 is an easy to use, wideband low noise distributed amplifier die. It operates from DC to 28 GHz and provides 17.5 dB of linear gain, 16 dBm of P1dB, and 1.4 dB of noise figure at 8 GHz. The input and output are fully matched to 50 ohms with typical return loss >15 […]