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Commercial and Military Innovation at a Crossroads for Radar and Wireless Networking Applications

by Tony Fischetti, Principal Technology Architect, MACOM From the modern battlefield to commercial wireless infrastructure, bandwidth demands are growing exponentially. In the aerospace and defense (A&D) market, these demands are being driven by the need for low-latency communication and enhanced situational awareness and responsiveness among warfighters deployed across ground, sea and air domains, serviced by […]

High Power SP3T Switch

The MASW-011030 is a high power PIN diode SP3T switch in a common anode configuration, operating from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. It features low insertion loss and excellent linearity with low DC consumption. The unit is capable of handling 100W CW incident power at a base plate temperature of 85ºC. MACOM (8)

Power Amplifier

The MAAP-118260 is a packaged linear power amplifier that operates over the frequency range 17.7 to 26.5 GHz. It provides 28.5 dB of gain and 37.0 dBm OIP3 with more than 28.5 dBm of output P1dB. This power amplifier is assembled in a lead-free, fully molded 5mm, 24 lead, QFN package and consists of a […]

Broadband Darlington Amplifier

The MAAM-011206 is a versatile, DC to 15 GHz Darlington amplifier with 13.5 dB typical gain and 18 dBm of output power. The input and output are fully matched to 50 ohms with typical return loss >10 dB. Third order linearity (OIP3) is typically 28 dBm and reverse isolation is >21 dB. MACOM (24)

New 1W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable

The MAAP-011232 is a 2-stage power amplifier with gain shut off, operating from 100 MHz to 3 GHz. For operation in the 100 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range, no I/O matching is required. Internal DC blocking is provided at the input, while the RF output port is DC coupled through an external bias-tee. Bias […]

High Power Terminated SPDT PIN Switch

The MASW-011094 is a high power SPDT with 50 ohm terminated RF ports. This broadband (24 to 37 GHz), high linearity SPDT switch was developed for Ka-band applications that require up to 40W CW power handling at an environmental temperature of +85ºC while maintaining low insertion loss and high isolation. MACOM (23)

Wideband Low Noise Distributed Amp

The MAAL-011141 wideband low noise distributed amplifier provides 17 dB of linear gain. It can be used as a low noise amplifier stage or as a driver stage in higher power applications, and is ideally suited for test & measurement, EW, ECM, and radar applications. Frequency range is DC to 26.5 GHz. MACOM (12)

Differential RF Amplifier

The MAAM-011240 is a high gain, high linearity and low noise differential RF amplifier assembled in a SOIC-8EP plastic package. This amplifier provides 17 dB of flat gain with very low noise figure. The differential push-pull topology provides superior 2nd order intermodulation performance. MACOM (19)

SP4T Reflective PIN Diode Switch

The MASW-011087 is a high power, symmetrical SP4T switch. This broadband, reflective switch was developed for Ka-band applications that require up to 30 dBm (1W) power handling while maintaining low insertion loss (0.9 dB, 16 to 35 GHz), high isolation (32 dB, 16 to 35 GHz), and fast switching speed (<34 ns). MACOM (75)

5G Wireless: Market Opportunities and Technical Challenges, from Sub-6 GHz to Millimeter Wave

by David Ryan, Senior Business Development and Strategic Marketing Manager – MACOM The evolution to 5G mobile networks continues to accelerate, promising breakthrough gains in wireless throughput and capacity. In the near term, we’ll see sub-6 GHz wireless infrastructure begin to be deployed to bridge the bandwidth gap between existing 4G LTE networks and future […]