The ADA-2052 can be used as a frequency extender to enhance the frequency range of a <26 GHz synthesizer up to 52 GHz. It consists of an input buffer amplifier, doubler, and output buffer amplifier to provide a +16 dBm output (suitable for driving most mixers) from a -6 to +2 dBm input. MARKI MICROWAVE […]

GaAs MMIC Triple Balanced Mixer

The MM2-0530HSM is a passive MMIC triple balanced mixer that features a broadband IF port that spans from 2 to 20 GHz, and has excellent spurious suppression. Typical input 1 dB compression is +15 dBm and high input IP3 is +21 dBm. The unit comes in a 4x4mm QFN package and is RoHS compliant. MARKI […]

GaAs MMIC Double Balanced Mixer

The MM1-0212HSM is a GaAs MMIC double balanced mixer that is optimized for low frequency applications. It is a low frequency S-band mixer that works well as both an up and down converter through X-band. This mixer offers low conversion loss and high LO to RF isolations at moderate LO powers. MARKI MICROWAVE (40)

Surface-Mount MMIC Equalizer Die

The popular MMIC equalizer die are now offered in surface-mount 3x3mm QFN packages. Optimized for excellent return loss over the entire band, the MEQ series equalizers provide consistent unit-to-unit performance in a small, low-cost form factor. The MEQX-7ASM family is available in four configurations and provides positive slope from DC to 7 GHz with DC […]

V-Band IQ Mixer

The MMIQ-4067LU module is a V-band mixer that spans 40 to 67 GHz with an IF bandwidth of DC to 20 GHz. Due to the excellent phase and amplitude balance of its on-chip LO quadrature hybrid, the unit provides an exceptional 33 dB of LO-RF isolation and 35 dB of image rejection.   MARKI MICROWAVE […]

GaAs MMIC Non-Linear Transmission Line

NLTL-6275 is a MMIC non-linear transmission line (NLTL) based comb generator. It offers excellent phase noise performance over a 3 to 15 GHz input frequency range with output tones beyond 85 GHz. The unit is fabricated with GaAs Schottky diode based varactors on a 2.28 x 3.13mm substrate. MARKI MICROWAVE (201)