Broadband 3-Way Power Divider

This 3-way Wilkinson power divider has been optimized for excellent performance covering 6.0 to 18.0 GHz (Model P3S-12.000, shown) with specifications such as isolation of 20 dB minimum/25 dB typical, VSWR 1.4:1 maximum, 0.7 dB maximum insertion loss, and amplitude balance of 0.4 dB maximum. MECA ELECTRONICS (6)

Broadband SMA Couplers

Broadband miniature SMA couplers are now available in 10, 20, and 30 dB models covering 6.0 to 18.0 GHz, 50W (2kW peak), offering typical electrical performance of 0.5 dB insertion loss, VSWR of 1.35:1, and a minimum directivity of 15 dB. They join the company’s extensive line of miniature couplers covering up to 50 GHz. […]

Public Safety Hybrid Combiner/Dividers

High power, 3 dB hybrid couplers are useful in Public Safety applications for combining two transmitters to share one antenna or high power splitting. They cover 350 to 570 MHz (UHF band). Unique air-line construction provides lowest possible insertion loss, high isolation, and exceptional VSWR. MECA ELECTRONICS (5)

Directional Couplers

The company’s expanded offering of 5G mmWave products features 20 dB couplers covering 26 to 34 GHz with 2.92mm interfaces. Typical specifications include 1.5:1 VSWR, 15 dB directivity, 1 dB insertion loss, and .4 dB frequency sensitivity. Also available are attenuators, terminations, and more.  MECA ELECTRONICS (9)

New 75 Ohm RF Attenuators

The RoHS compliant, BNC M/F, 2W, 612-dB-2-75 series attenuators cover VHF, UHF, and L-bands from DC to 2.0 GHz and are available in standard attenuation values of 3, 6, 10, 20, and 30 dB. They combine the standard BNC 50 ohm interface with a precision designed 75 ohm impedance attenuation network.     MECA ELECTRONICS […]

Right Angle SMA Inner DC Block

A new right angle SMA DC block covers 0.400 to 3.00 GHz. Typical VSWR is 1.35:1 and insertion loss is 0.3 dB maximum. Models are also available in 7/16 DIN, SMA, N, BNC, and TNC configurations with RF power ratings to 500W (2.5kW peak), and breakdown voltages to 2.5kV. MECA ELECTRONICS (8)

Directional Couplers

The company has expanded its offering of 5G mmWave products with 10 dB couplers covering 18 to 40 GHz with 2.92mm interfaces. Typical specifications include 1.6:1 VSWR, 13 dB directivity, 1 dB insertion loss, and .5 dB frequency sensitivity. Also available: attenuators, terminations, bias tees, DC blocks, and adapters.  MECA ELECTRONICS (6)

N Male 10W Resistive Termination

This new resistive 10W, N Male, 50 ohm load (410-1) was precision designed as a high performance, cost-effective solution for applications up to 12.4 GHz. It offers maximum VSWR specifications of 1.15:1 from DC to 3 GHz, 1.20:1 from 3 to 6 GHz, and 1.50:1 up to 12.4 GHz.   MECA ELECTRONICS (4)

Broadband Low PIM 10W Loads

New compact low PIM (-170 dBc typ.) 10W loads with extended frequency and power handling capabilities feature industry-leading PIM verified at 1900 MHz (+40 dBm) at -160 dBc (min.) while handling full rated power to 85ºC. All of the terminations cover 0.380 to 6.000 GHz frequency bands in Type N, 4.3/10.0, and 7/16 DIN interfaces. […]