Sapphire Missile Domes

Meller Sapphire Optical Domes feature Mohs 9 hardness, second only to diamond, and create a clear protective cover for optical and electronic devices at the front surface of missiles and drones. Custom fabricated in sizes up to 6” O.D. that can incorporate steps and profiles for mounting purposes, they are highly resistant to fast moving […]

Sapphire Optics Protect Against Fast Moving Particles

A wide range of custom manufactured sapphire optics that protect cameras, detectors, and sensors from blowing dirt and sand in hostile environments are now available. Sapphire optics can be custom manufactured as windows, lenses, and domes in a variety of sizes and configurations with varying thicknesses, mounting holes, slots, wedges, edge treatments, elliptical edge shaping, […]

Calcium Fluoride Optics

CaF2 optics are manufactured to OEM specification as plano-convex, plano-concave, and meniscus lenses; as plane, wedged, and tapered windows; and as prisms in a wide variety of configurations. Featuring a highly polished surface for long life, they operate over a 0.2 to 9 microns range with 90 to 95% transmission uncoated. MELLER OPTICS (83)

Sapphire Optics for Drones

These new sapphire optics for drones include flat windows and domes for all types of vision systems used for inspecting cell towers, bridges, and other challenging commercial and military surveillance applications. Featuring Moh 9 hardness, highly durable and clear sapphire can withstand fast moving dirt, particulates, sand and water. MELLER OPTICS (127)

Sapphire Waveplates

Custom manufactured low order sapphire waveplates feature Moh 9 hardness, second only to diamond, making them highly resistant to chemicals, scratching, shock, and temperature fluctuation. Designed to change the polarization state of a laser beam from linear to circular and vice versa in high power IR and visible lasers, accuracy is assured by ultra-precise, in-house […]

Calcium Fluoride Optics

CaF2 Optics feature a highly polished surface for long life and operate over a broad transmission range with 90 to 95% transmission uncoated. Offered in ¼ to 5” diameter sizes, they can be supplied as windows, lenses, and prisms for a wide variety of applications from 0.2 to 9 microns. MELLER OPTICS (71)