Cesium Clocks Now Certified

Completion of certification has been announced for the company’s portfolio of cesium clocks to be compliant with the new G.811.1 recommendation from the International Telecommunication Union for timing characteristics of enhanced primary reference clocks. The new standard raises the bar for frequency accuracy by an order of magnitude from 1x10E-11 to 1x10E-12. MICROSEMI CORPORATION (6)

Wideband GaAs MMIC Devices

A new family of wideband plastic packaged and chip monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) devices includes four plastic packaged low noise amplifiers, a wideband power amplifier, and two plastic packaged switches. The amplifiers include two new distributed LNAs that outperform competitive parts over a wider frequency from DC to 27 GHz. Two additional wideband LNAs […]

GaN HEMT RF Power Transistors

The expanded family of RF power transistors based on GaN HEMT on SiC technology will include five new L- & S-band RF power transistors rated between 150 and 800W. They deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of avionics, radar, and ISM applications. MICROSEMI CORPORATION (30)