WaveWay™ Connection System

The innovative WaveWay connector system delivers a simple PIM mitigating, low torque, bespoke field termination that is IP68 rated and legacy compatible to the standard 7/16 interface. It is a PIM neutral low loss connector that has the ability to “draw” reverberation based PIM from the system. MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS (16)

Custom Cable Assemblies to 40 GHz

The MIDISCO Custom Cable Assembly department will manufacture custom coaxial cable configurations to exact specifications. Semi-rigid and re-bendable semi-rigid types are available from 0.047 to 0.325 diameter. Phase adjustable connectors are available, as is testing on VNAs to 40.0 GHz. MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS (8)

Dual Directional Coupler

PNC couplers from Preferred Power Products feature reliable stripline construction using multi-section designs that provide power sampling up to 2000W CW in small coaxial packages. Matched high power terminations are internally mounted to obtain high directivity, higher coupled port power and excellent VSWR. MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS (14)

HYBR-FILM® Flange RF Power Resistor

Model RV30-XXX from Preferred Power Products is a HYBR-FILM flange RF power resistor that covers the DC to 3.0 GHz frequency range. Power rating is 100% @ +100ºC, capacitance is 0.75 pF, and operating temperature is -55 to +150ºC. Power is 30W average and resistance is 0 to 1 kilohm (100 ohms +/-5%). MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS […]

Ingress Prevention Caps

Dust Caps from Hughes Electronics are advanced ingress prevention caps (excluding cover for 7/16 connectors) with a built-in humidity indicator to alert riggers to the presence of humidity. The consequences of dust or water ingress can have dire outcomes for SNR, linearity and PIM. They are IP68 rated. MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS  (18)

Custom Cable Assemblies

Whether receiving or transmitting, MIDISCO’s high performance cable assemblies will help preserve precious dBs. Low insertion loss makes these cables ideal when noise figure is a consideration, while power handling of the 8290 and 8305 series make them very suitable for transmission applications. MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS (14)

Dual Directional Coupler

Now available, Preferred Power Products’ 40 dB coupler features reliable stripline construction using multi-section design and provides power sampling up to 1000W CW in small coaxial packages, with proven performance for power and reliability under extreme environmental conditions. Frequency range is 400 to 1000 MHz. MICROWAVE DISTRIBUTORS (33)