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Coaxial Adapter

The 185F-KM+ is a coaxial 1.85mm-F to 2.92m-M adapter for interconnection of RF cable assemblies from DC to 40 GHz. It provides excellent VSWR of 1.04:1, low insertion loss of 0.11 dB, and flat response across its full bandwidth. The unit features rugged, passivated stainless steel construction and is just 0.79” long.  MINI-CIRCUITS (2)

High Dynamic Range MMIC Amplifier

TSS-13HLN+ is an ultra-high dynamic range MMIC amplifier covering the entire 1 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth. This model includes an internal shutdown feature that allows users to protect the amplifier in the presence of large signals and to minimize DC power consumption. Housed in a 3x3mm QFN package.      MINI-CIRCUITS (3)

Ultra-High Dynamic Range Coaxial Amp

ZFL-272VH+ is a broadband, ultra-high dynamic range coaxial amplifier supporting applications from 0.03 to 2.7 GHz. It provides 17 dB typical gain with +47 dBm IP3 and +30 dBm P1dB. The amplifier features internal DC regulation and built-in protection against reverse voltage.  MINI-CIRCUITS (7)

USB/Ethernet Dual SP4T Switch Module

RC-2SP4T-40 is a USB/Ethernet-controlled dual SP4T switch module supporting test applications from DC to 40 GHz. It includes a pair of independently controlled, electromechanical SP4T switches, each with high isolation (50 dB at 40 GHz) and low insertion loss (1.1 dB at 40 GHz). MINI-CIRCUITS (6)

Microwave Gain Equalizers

The VEQY Series are absorptive gain equalizers fabricated using highly repetitive GaAs IPD (Gallium Arsenide Integrated Passive Device) MMIC process incorporating resistors, capacitors, and inductors having negative insertion loss slope. Features include a wide bandwidth from DC to 6 GHz, which allows the equalizers to support a wide array of applications, including wireless cellular, microwave […]

DC-Pass Bidirectional Coupler

Model BDCH-25-33+ is a wideband, DC-pass bidirectional coupler for high-power applications from 800 to 3000 MHz. It maintains 25 dB typical coupling within +/-1 dB across the full frequency range, with typical power handling capability of 150W, and is designed into an open printed laminate just 1.00 x 0.50 x 0.051” with wrap-around terminations for […]

Waveguide Bandpass Filter

The company has teamed with Virginia Diodes to offer a new series of high-performance, high-fidelity waveguide bandpass filters for millimeter-wave applications. WVBP-series filters are available in various passbands spanning 27 to 86 GHz, and are offered with standard WR waveguide interfaces. Model WVBP-783-WR12+ has a passband of 76 to 81 GHz. It provides passband insertion […]

Coaxial Adapter

Model 185F-KF+ is a coaxial 1.85mm-F to 2.92mm-F adapter, supporting a wide range of applications from DC to 40 GHz. It provides 1.05:1 VSWR and 0.13 dB insertion loss with flat response over its full frequency range. The unit features rugged, passivated stainless steel construction and measures 0.82” in length.   MINI-CIRCUITS (9)

LTCC Dual/Differential Low Pass Filter

The DLFCV-1600+ is a dual low pass filter with a passband from DC to 1600 MHz designed into a tiny, single 1210 ceramic package. It provides 1.5 dB passband insertion loss, 50 dB stopband rejection, and RF input power handling up to 3W (each filter). Ideal for minimizing interference at amplifier inputs and ADC outputs. […]

N-Type Coaxial 50W Termination

TERM-50W-183N+ is a coaxial termination capable of absorbing signals up to 50W from DC to 18 GHz. It provides excellent return loss of 29 dB up to 18 GHz, effectively dissipating signal power with minimal signal reflections. This model features a passivated stainless steel N-type male connector with a rugged, anodized aluminum heat sink.  MINI-CIRCUITS […]