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Mini-Circuits and Vayyar Team up to Offer Educational Project Kits for RF Engineers

Mini-Circuits is pleased to announce a new partnership with 3D imaging sensor company Vayyar Imaging (Tel Aviv, Israel) to offer microwave transceiver project kits with broad applicability for students and university programs spanning topics in electromagnetic theory, RF/microwave engineering, RF systems, and radar technology. The first project kit, UVNA-63 includes all the elements studentsneed to […]

Ceramic Resonator Band Pass Filter

The CBP-1060Q+ surface mount ceramic coaxial-resonator based band pass filter has a passband of 1030 to 1060 MHz, supporting a variety of applications. It provides 1.6 dB passband insertion loss, 32 dB lower stopband rejection at 930 MHz, and 30 dB upper stopband rejection at 1190 MHz.  MINI-CIRCUITS (5)

MMIC Amplifier Die

The PHA-13HLN-D+ ultra-high dynamic range MMIC amplifier die sets the new industry standard for noise figure and IP3 in VHF/UHF communications. This model is well matched to 50 ohms from 1 MHz to 1 GHz and provides 1.1 dB noise figure, +43 dBm IP3, making it ideal for maximizing sensitivity and dynamic range in high-performance […]

Phase Stable Test Cable

The T50-3FT-VFVM+ is a precision test cable supporting a wide range of applications from DC to 50 GHz. It is 3 feet in length and features 2.4mm Female to 2.4mm Male connectors with triple shielded cable construction. The cable exhibits typical phase change of less than 8º in a 2” bend radius at 50 GHz […]

New 75 Ohm Diplexers

DPLB-6585A03+ 75 ohm diplexer covers the DC to 1220 MHz band with a low pass band of DC to 65 MHz and a high pass band of 85 to 1220 MHz. It is designed for DOCSIS® 3.1 compliant systems and equipment. It provides low pass band insertion loss of 1.0 dB, 50 dB typical rejection […]

Wideband Coaxial Directional Coupler

The ZDC10-20403-K+ coaxial broadband high-power directional coupler provides a 10 dB coupling ratio with +/-0.5 dB coupling flatness across a frequency range from 20 to 40 GHz. It is capable of handling up to 20W RF input power with DC current passing up to 3A, 1.2 dB mainline loss, 20 dB return loss, and typical […]

Double Balanced MMIC Mixer Die

MDB-44H-D+ is a wideband, double balanced, level 15 MMIC mixer with an IF bandwidth from DC to 15 GHz and LO/RF bandwidth from 10 to 40 GHz, supporting a wide range of applications. This model provides 8.4 dB conversion loss, 37 dB L-I isolation, and good input/output return loss over its full frequency range.   […]

HandFlex™ Interconnect Cables

The 047-Series HandFlex interconnect cables provide the high performance and reliability of the company’s hand-formable interconnect cables with ultra-thin cable construction and even more flexibility for connected systems from DC to 18 GHz. They measure only 0.047” in diameter and are hand-formable to a tight, 3.2mm minimum bend radius, and are perfect for making connections […]

Broadband MMIC Doubler Die

CY2-44-D+ ultra-wideband MMIC frequency doubler die converts input signals from 7 to 20 GHz into output signals from 14 to 40 GHz. Its extremely wide output frequency range makes it suitable for applications such as 5G, Ka-band SATCOM, instrumentation, and more. It has an input power range from +12 to +18 dBm and provides low […]

MMIC Directional Coupler

EDC21-24+ is a MMIC directional coupler with a 21 dB coupling ratio and a wide operating frequency range from 4 to 20 GHz. It provides +/-2 dB coupling flatness across its full frequency range, 0.7 dB mainline loss, 18 dB typical return loss, and 19 dB directivity. The unit comes in a tiny 4x4mm QFN […]