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Surface Mount 2:1 Transformer

SCTX2-93-2W+ is a surface mount transmission line transformer covering a wide range of applications from 10 to 9000 MHz. This model provides an impedance ratio of 2:1 with 2.8 dB insertion loss, 14 dB return loss, and 20 dB common mode rejection. Its housing measures 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.15”. MINI-CIRCUITS (2)

Surface Mount Diplexer

RDP-6500+ is a lowpass + highpass diplexer. Lowpass port is designed for DC to 100 MHz and highpass is designed for 1400 to 6500 MHz. The low pass channel offers a very good rejection (40 dB typical) and the high pass channel works for a broad frequency band until 6500 MHz, offering low insertion loss […]

Coaxial Quick-Turn 1W Termination

ANNEQ-50X is a wideband coaxial termination capable of absorbing up to 1W RF input power from DC to 20 GHz. It features an SMA Male quick-turn connector allowing quick connection and disconnection. The termination provides excellent return loss of 47 dB up to 4 GHz and 30 dB up to 20 GHz.    MINI-CIRCUITS (44)

Reflectionless Bandpass Filter

XBF-24+ is a high rejection, reflectionless bandpass filter with a passband from 19.5 to 20.5 GHz. The filter employs a patented filter topology, which absorbs and terminates stopband signals rather than reflecting them back to the source. This capability eliminates stopband reflections typical of traditional filter designs, minimizing intermodulation and other interferences. This model includes […]

Coaxial Directional Coupler

ZCDC10-K5R44W+ is a coaxial, ultra-wideband directional coupler with an operating frequency range from 0.5 to 40 GHz. This model provides 10 dB nominal coupling with +/-0.9 dB flatness over the full band. It can handle up to 15W RF input power and achieves low mainline loss (1.3 dB at 18 GHz, 2.1 dB at 40 […]

Coaxial Two-Way 0º Splitter/Combiner

ZN2PD-E653+ is an ultra-wideband coaxial 2-way 0º splitter/combiner providing coverage from 10 to 65 GHz and supporting a wide range of applications. This model provides 10W power handling as a splitter with 1.2 dB insertion loss; 22 dB isolation, 0.1 dB amplitude unbalance; 1.0º phase unbalance; and DC passing up to 440mA. It comes housed […]

Two-Way 0º Splitter/Combiner

The ZC2PD-01263+ is an ultra-wideband 2-way 0º splitter/combiner providing continuous coverage from 1 to 26.5 GHz, supporting a wide range of applications. It provides 14W RF power handling as a splitter with DC passing up to 530mA; 0.7 dB insertion loss; 1.12:1 VSWR; 33 dB isolation; and more.  MINI-CIRCUITS (10)

Ultra-Tiny MMIC Splitter/Combiner

The new NP2G+ is a MMIC 2-way 0º splitter/combiner optimized for high performance in the 1150 to 1950 MHz band. It provides 0.8 dB insertion loss; 19 dB typical isolation; 0.4 dB amplitude unbalance; and 0.8º phase unbalance. It handles up to 1.5W RF power as a splitter and is housed in a 1.4 x […]

Reflectionless Bandpass Filter

The XBF-183+ is a reflectionless bandpass filter with a passband from 15.5 to 20.5 GHz. This model includes four sections, achieving rejection of 67 dB in the lower stopband and 56 dB in the upper stopband. It provides 4.9 dB insertion loss in the passband, 1.6:1 passband VSWR, and typical VSWR of 2.2 in the […]