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USB/Ethernet Programmable Attenuator

Model RCDAT-30G-30 is a precision programmable attenuator covering an extremely wide bandwidth from 0.1 to 30 GHz with attenuation range from 0 to 30 dB in 0.5 dB steps. It is controlled via either USB or Ethernet, allowing easy control directly from the user’s PC or remotely over a network. It also allows daisy chaining […]

Electromechanical SPDT Switch

MSP2T-26-12+ is an ultra-reliable, rugged-duty, reflective fail-safe SPDT switch, designed in break-before-make configuration. It operates from DC to 26.5 GHz and offers extremely long switch life up to 10 million cycles, which can be extended up to 100 million cycles with routine factory cleaning. MINI-CIRCUITS (3)

Tiny MMIC Gain Slope Equalizers Flatten DC to 6 GHz

The EQY-1-63+ is an absorptive MMIC gain equalizer with a negative 1.2 dB slope versus frequency from DC to 6 GHz. This device is useful for flattening negative gain slope in amplifiers, receivers, and transmitters in a wide range of applications from wireless communications to broadband/optical, satellite, defense, and more. This model is capable of […]

Hand-Flex™ Interconnect Cables

The ultra-wideband 086-KM+ series of Hand-Flex interconnect cables is ideal for interconnection of a wide variety of cable assemblies from DC to 40 GHz. Its 2.92mm Male connectors at both ends are ideal for making secure connections in assemblies using 2.92mm, 3.5mm, and SMA connector types. Tight minimum bend radius of 6mm makes these cables […]

Remembering Harvey Kaylie

RF/microwave industry pioneer, philanthropist, and Mini-Circuits’ beloved Founder and CEO, Harvey Kaylie passed away peacefully on the morning of May 30th, 2018.  He is survived by his wife, two daughters, eight grandchildren, and two brothers.  He will be deeply missed by the thousands of colleagues, partners, and friends whose lives he enriched. Innovator, Entrepreneur, and […]

Surface-Mount Directional Coupler

Model SYDC-7-651HP+ is a surface-mount directional coupler with 15W power handling for applications in the 10 to 650 MHz range. It provides a nominal coupling ratio of 7.3 dB with flatness of +/-0.2 dB. The coupler achieves 0.6 dB mainline loss, 1.15:1 VSWR, and 21 dB typical directivity. Size is 0.38 x 0.50 x 0.25”. […]

Coaxial 75 Ohm Diplexer

Model ZDPL-4254-75-F+ is a coaxial 75 ohm diplexer with a low pass channel from 5 to 42 MHz and a high pass channel from 54 to 1700 MHz, supporting DOCSIS 3.1 standard test systems with extended range. It provides excellent return loss (20 to 24 dB typ.) over extended frequency. Size is 1.25 x 1.25 […]

Tiny Ceramic Bandpass Filter

BFTC-415+ is a tiny ceramic bandpass filter with a passband from 330 to 500 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 4W RF input power and provides passband insertion loss of 4.0 dB, upper/lower stopband rejection of 36 dB, and an operating temperature range from -40 to +85ºC. MINI-CIRCUITS (6)

Coaxial 50/75 Ohm Matching Pad

The SFQFM-5075+ is a coaxial 50/75 ohm matching pad supporting impedance matching applications from DC to 3000 MHz. This model features SMA-Female Quick-Connect (50 ohms) to F-Male (75 ohms) connector configuration, supporting convenient connection between components with different connector types. MINI-CIRCUITS (9)

Surface-Mount Bi-Directional Coupler

BDCH46-122-75+ is a 75 ohm surface-mount bi-directional coupler with an operating bandwidth from 40 to 1250 MHz, supporting bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS® 3.1 systems and equipment. This model achieves 0.15 dB mainline loss, 25 dB return loss, and 19 dB directivity. Size is 0.56 x 0.20 x 0.068”. MINI-CIRCUITS (6)