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Surface-Mount 2-Way 90º Hybrid

QCH-382+ is a high power, surface-mount 2-way 90º hybrid capable of handling up to 150W RF input power for applications over a wide bandwidth from 800 to 3800 MHz. This model provides low insertion loss of 0.25 dB, 28 dB port-to-port isolation, 0.35 dB amplitude unbalance and 1.6º phase unbalance (relative to 90º). MINI-CIRCUITS (81)

High Pass Filter

The ZHSS-8G+ 50 ohm high pass filter has a broad passband of 8 to 24 GHz with sharp cutoff and high stopband rejection. Fabricated with reliable suspended-substrate-stripline circuit technology, the RoHS-compliant filter has typical passband insertion loss of 1 dB with typical passband VSWR of 2.0:1. MINI-CIRCUITS (42)

Tiny LTCC Band Pass Filter

The BFCN-7331+ LTCC band pass filter has a pass band from 6850 to 7850 MHz, supporting harmonic rejection and emission masking in UWB impulse radar and other applications. It provides 1.4 dB passband insertion loss, 23 dB lower stopband rejection, 20 dB upper stopband rejection, and RF input power handling up to 2.5W. MINI-CIRCUITS (4)

Directional Coupler

The ZUDC10-83+ is an ultra-wideband directional coupler covering a wide range of applications from 0.3 to 8 GHz. It features 10 dB coupling with +/-0.8 dB coupling flatness across its entire frequency range, 20W input power handling, and DC current passing up to 1A from input to output. MINI-CIRCUITS (6)

Tiny Ceramic 1:1 Balun

The NCS1-332+ is a wideband LTCC balun transformer with an impedance ratio of 1:1 covering a wide range of applications from 700 to 3300 MHz. It is designed for applications where conversion of a single-ended 50 ohm line is needed. Fabricated using Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology, this model provides outstanding repeatability from lot […]

Class A Amplifier

ZHL-100W-251+ is a Class A, high power amplifier providing 100W output power at saturation from 50 to 250 MHz. This model provides 46 dB gain, with +/-1.7 dB flatness and outstanding linearity with +58 dBm IP3. It operates on a single 24V supply and features an internal power regulator allowing reliable use with voltages from […]

Cavity Filter for S-Band Applications

ZVBP-2400+ is a bandpass cavity filter with a passband from 2375 to 2425 MHz, supporting applications including ISM, radio location, and mobile communication. This model provides 0.7 dB passband insertion loss, 1.22:1 passband VSWR, and high rejection with excellent selectivity, reaching over 50 dB rejection at 2250 MHz on the lower transition and 2550 MHz […]

Ultra-Wideband, Low-Loss Couplers for Cable TV and Broadband Access Systems (DOCSIS® 3.1)

by Mini-Circuits   This application note discusses the use of ultra-low loss, broadband distributed couplers in 75Ω systems such as broadband services over cable television networks (CATV). CATV systems require continuous monitoring of output power in the forward (downstream) path throughout the network to ensure consistent signal transmission. This is often achieved by using a […]

Precision Connector Gauge Kit

The ACUDIAL-BNCTNC connector gauge kit includes precision hardware for measuring center pin and dielectric location of outer conductor mating surfaces of BNC- and TNC-type coaxial connectors. It contains a dial indicator assembly, female and male master gauges for the appropriate connectors, instruction manual, and a wooden instrument case. MINI-CIRCUITS (51)

HandFlex™ BNC Interconnect Cables

The 086-12BM+ HandFlex interconnect cable is ideal for interconnection of a wide variety of cable assemblies from DC to 3 GHz. BNC-Male connectors at both ends are ideal for making secure connections in assemblies using BNC connector types. Tight minimum bend radius of 6mm makes these cables ideal for installations in tight spots, and hand […]