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Bridging the Gap between the University and the RF Industry

by Ted Heil, President, Mini-Circuits With 5G standards barely off the drawing board and headlines filled with speculation about all the related capabilities, what sometimes gets lost in the buzz is that these technologies will depend heavily on a new generation of RF engineers to develop the circuits and systems to realize the dream. It is […]

Precision Fixed Attenuator Series

The BW-EX-1W653+ series of precision fixed attenuators achieves an extremely wide frequency range from DC up to 65 GHz. Four models in the series provide 3, 6, 10, and 20 dB attenuation values for different requirements. Excellent attenuation flatness, good VSWR (1.2:1 typ.), and rugged construction make these models ideal solutions for a broad range […]

MMIC Amplifier

Model LHA-13HLN+ ultra-high dynamic range MMIC amplifier sets the new industry standard for noise figure and IP3 in VHF/UHF communications. This model is well matched to 50 ohms from 1 MHz to 1 GHz and provides 1.2 dB noise figure and +43.3 dBm IP3, making it ideal for maximizing sensitivity and dynamic range in high-performance […]

Low Current MMIC Amplifier

EHA-163L+ is a low current, wideband gain block that operates from DC to 16 GHz with 15 dB gain and +/-0.75 dB flatness up to 12 GHz. It is well matched to 50 ohms with input/output return loss of 10 dB or better up to 16 GHz without the need for any external matching components. […]

Class AB Amplifier

ZHL-100W-382A+ is a Class AB, unconditionally stable amplifier capable of delivering output power up to 100W from 3300 to 3850 MHz, ideal for a variety of high power test setups. It provides 47 dB gain with +/-1.0 dB flatness, +58 dBm OIP3 and 1.3:1 input/output VSWR. MINI-CIRCUITS (11)

New 2.92mm Female-to-Female Adapter

KFPM-KF50+ is a coaxial 2.92mm Female-to-Female adapter supporting a wide range of interconnection needs from DC to 40 GHz. It provides very low insertion loss of 0.12 dB and 1.08:1 VSWR up to 40 GHz. This model features a panel-mount flange, ideal for mounting 2.92mm connectors through panels of contained assemblies using a single hole […]

Coaxial DC Block

Model BLK-V54+ is a coaxial DC block supporting a wide range of applications from 10 MHz to 50 GHz. It provides 0.50 dB insertion loss with flat response across the entire band, 23 dB return loss, RF input handling up to 1W, and DC voltage handling up to 100V. The unit features 2.44mm-Male to 2.4mm-Female […]

MMIC Die Testing Made Easy with Ultra-Wideband 0 dB Attenuator (Thru-line) Dice

by Radha Setty, Mini-Circuits Microwave hybrid circuitry is generally built by integrating several discrete dice via wire bonding.  Circuit designers are faced with the task of predicting the performance of hybrids, which comes with some specific challenges.  Most RF/microwave MMIC dice are built with “ground-signal-ground” bonding pads at each of the RF ports to correspond […]

Dual-Matched MMIC Amplifier

The MGVA-82+ dual-matched MMIC amplifier covers the DC to 5.2 GHz band with outstanding IP2 performance of +44 dBm, resulting in excellent suppression of unwanted second harmonics in wideband applications. It covers a range of popular communication bands (cellular, CATV, PCS, SATCOM, and WiMAX), and is ideal for wideband applications such as push-pull and balanced […]

DIY VNA Educational Project Kits

Microwave transceiver project kits with broad applicability for students and university programs spanning topics in electromagnetic theory, RF/microwave engineering, RF systems, and radar technology have been developed by the company in a new partnership with 3D imaging sensor company Vayyar Imaging. The first project kit, UVNA-63, includes all the elements students need to build a […]