Surface Mount Cavity Bandpass Filter

The company has recently developed a hermetically sealed surface mount cavity filter built in a stainless steel package. This filter provides less than 2 dB of insertion loss with high selectivity in a compact package. Custom designs for cavity filters are available from 300 MHz to 18 GHz and 3 dB bandwidth from 1 to […]

Four Channel Switched Filter Bank

This low profile, high performance 4 channel switched filter bank covers a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. The bands include a 2500 to 18000 MHz highpass filter, 10 to 8000 MHz lowpass filter, and two bandpass filters. It uses Pin-diode technology and is TTL compatible. NETWORKS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (4)

Crystal Filter

A new 200 MHz fundamental frequency crystal filter is used to achieve spectral purity and noise reduction in clock/timing chain applications. Features include a hermetically sealed package, low insertion loss of <6 dB, rejection of >40 dB @ Fc +/-100 KHz, and ultimate rejection of >75 dB. NETWORKS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (12)

S-Band Cavity Diplexer

This new cavity diplexer is built for use in S-band ground-based radars. It offers low insertion loss of 0.6 dB maximum, high isolation of >60 dB, and power handling capability of >50W, in a package measuring 6.0 x 1.5 x 3.0”. Custom designs are available up to K-band. NETWORKS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (35)

Ceramic Filter

This 6550 MHz ceramic filter is a high frequency unit built for use in C-band applications. Features include low insertion loss of <2.5 dB @ center frequency, rejection of >50 dB @ 6000 MHz and >40 dB @ 7200 MHz, and a small package size of 0.83 x 0.51 x 0.19”. Custom designs available. NETWORKS […]

Low Noise Amplifier

A new high performance low noise amplifier (LNA) covers the L-Band frequency range (1200 to 1400 MHz). It offers 28 dB gain with a noise figure of 1.5 dB maximum, built in a compact package. The high gain and low noise figure help boost signal strength of receivers used in airborne, ground, and ship-mount applications. […]