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Small Loop Antenna Matching for Minimum Sensitivity

by Jaakko Juntunen, Optenni Ltd. (Due to the number of images associated with this article, they are at the end of the text.) Small-size printed loop antennas are widely used in many applications such as automotive safety systems, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These antennas offer excellent features, including light weight, small footprint, […]

Design and Matching of a 60 GHz Printed Antenna using NI AWR Software and AWR Connected for Optenni

by Jaakko Juntunen, Optenni Ltd (all images are at the end of the article) Impedance matching of high-frequency components is an important step in any antenna design to ensure maximum transfer of power between the antenna and the transmitter/receiver circuitry. By first designing a matching circuit, antennas can be tuned to resonate at the desired […]