Broadband Ceramic Capacitors

The 01005BB broadband 100nF multilayer ceramic capacitors boast a typical operating frequency of 16 kHz (-3 dB point) to >40 GHz. They are the industry’s smallest (.010 x .005”) 100nF broadband part characterized for RF performance. Its termination is tin plated over nickel barrier (RoHS compliant).  PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (13)

Broadband Resistors

These broadband resistors are specifically designed to operate at frequencies up to 67 GHz. With special microwave laser-trimming used to ensure a tight tolerance at high frequencies, these broadband resistors are wire bondable, solderable, and can be used in a flip-chip configuration. They are available in three case sizes with larger sizes available. Insertion loss […]

Air Variable Capacitors Line

Air variable capacitors are now available in the following types: PTFE, Air Tubular, Sapphire, and Air Plate Trimmer capacitors. With over hundreds of standard trimmer capacitors available, the company will work with engineers who need a custom part built to their specifications. PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (10)

Broadband Ceramic Capacitors

The 0603BB104 broadband 100nF multilayer ceramic capacitor has a typical operating frequency up to 20 GHz. Size is just .060 x .030”, WVDC is 100V, TCC is 0 +/-15%/ºC (-55 to +125ºCº), and insertion loss is <1.2 dB. Termination is tin plated over nickel barrier (RoHS compliant), gold, tin/lead. PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (16)

Low ESR/ESL Capacitors

The 0708N (.065 x .080”) series capacitor features vertical electrodes that increase bandwidth, along with low ESR/ESL and high self-resonance. Uniquely designed for excellent heat transfer in high RF applications, the capacitor offers ultra-stable performance over temperature. They are 100% RoHS compliant.     PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (14)

Passive Plus Capacitor Application Program

Passive Plus, Inc.’s brand new Capacitor Application Program (C.A.P.) helps Engineers and Designers select capacitors according to parameters such as cap value and frequency. C.A.P. will provide options (Case Size, Terminations, Mounting), and parameters (ESR, Q, Impedance) along with Datasheets. C.A.P. allows engineers to insert capacitors requirements (Cap value, Frequency), producing Scattering Matrices (S2P) Charts. Once […]

Broadband Ceramic Capacitors

Said to be the industry’s smallest 100nF broadband part characterized for RF performance, the 01005BB has a typical operating frequency of 16 kHz to 40 GHz, and a new 6.3V rating. Insertion loss is <1 dB, size is .010 x .005”, and termination is tin plated over nickel barrier (RoHS compliant). PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (18)

Broadband Capacitors

A new series of broadband capacitors is available in four different case sizes: 01005BB, 0201BB, 0402BB, and 0805BB. Values available are 10nF (10,000 pF) and 100nF (100,000 pF). These capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground while blocking DC.   PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (21)

Passive Plus, INC. High Reliability Screening Programs

www.passiveplus.com As typical electrical tests may not detect internal flaws such as voids, cracks, de-laminations and electrode discontinuities, which can lead to latent and/or catastrophic failures in high power applications, Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) offers the following Hi Reliability screening in production, at no extra charge: • 100% Automated Sonoscan (CSAM) Inspection on all larger case […]

Hi-Q/Low ESR Capacitors in Larger Sizes

A line of Hi-Q capacitors is now available in five larger case sizes: 2225 C/P series (.220 x .250”), 6040 C series (.600 x .400”), 1313 C series (1.30 x 1.30”), 3838 C/P series (.380 x .380”), and the 7676 C series (.760 x .760”). Specifically produced for high power/high frequency requirements and 100% RoHS […]