Coaxial RF Probes with Pogo Pin Design

The company’s extended line of coaxial RF probes has been expanded into the 40 GHz operating frequency range for use in microwave components, high-speed communications, and networking. It now includes four models that deliver 10 dB maximum return loss over the broad frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. They are offered in GS and […]

Military-Grade RF Cable Assemblies

A new line of military-grade MIL-DTL-17 RF cable assemblies is ideal for avionics, military electronics, satellite ground stations, and autonomous vehicles. The series consists of 124 basic configurations from six different cable types for a total of more than 700 part numbers. These cables provide operating frequencies of up to 12.4 GHz and VSWR as […]

GaN Power Amplifiers Serving Satellite Industry on Multiple Levels

by Pasternack Satellite technology has undergone many iterations of improvement over the decades; this includes the use of advanced frequency reuse schemes with the spot beam architecture, the leverage of higher frequencies (Ka-band) for larger contiguous spectrum, the implementation of digital payloads for flexible bandwidth and power allocation, and all-electric propulsion systems. These advancements have […]

Flexible Waveguide Models

This newly released line of flexible waveguides is comprised of 78 models — 39 seamless and 39 twistable. All models operate in the same wide range of frequencies (5.85 to 50 GHz), are available in lengths of 6 to 36”, and with UG-style square/round cover and CPR-style flanges. VSWR is as low as 1.05:1.   […]

Removable Vertical Launch Connectors

This new series of solderless vertical launch connectors consists of 12 models that provide VSWR as low as 1.3:1 and maximum operating frequency of up to 50 GHz, depending on the model. They boast a reusable clamp attachment and can be used for microstrip or stripline. Available in male and female versions.  PASTERNACK (20)

SPDT High-Power PIN Diode RF Switches

This new line of SPDT high-power PIN diode switches consists of seven different models that offer excellent power handling and isolation with broadband performance and fast switching speed. Ideal for transmit and receive applications, these solid state PIN diode switches are perfect for connecting from an antenna to a receiver or for a transmitter with […]

Flexible Skew Matched Cables

This new line of skew matched cables is designed for use in high-speed digital tests of 10 to 28 Gbps, including differential signals, bit-error-rate testing, and eye diagrams. It is made up of three models that are extremely flexible and have 1 ps delay match. They deliver excellent VSWR of 1.4:1 and are 100% tested […]

Coaxial Lightning and Surge Protectors

A new series of coaxial surge protectors has been designed to guard valuable communications equipment from power surges and indirect lightning strikes. These 46 new products are perfect for use in cellular base stations, public safety systems, Wi-Fi networks, active antenna systems, and GPS system applications. They are available with 7/16 DIN, Type N, and […]

Portable 4-in-1 Calibration Kits

A new line of 4-in-1 3.5mm calibration kits was designed for test and measurement, field testing, antenna measurement, and cable verification applications. This series consists of two models, both with a compact, lightweight, 4-in-1 design package. These short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration kits have a 26.5 GHz calibration capability. They feature gold-plated 3.5mm connectors and a handy […]

Filters and the Problem of RF Pollution

by Steven Pong, Product Manager, Pasternack Enterprises Interference with commercial, industrial, public safety, and defense-related systems using the electromagnetic spectrum is severe and getting worse, rising in direct relation to the number of emitters encountered at the most widely-used frequencies between about 700 MHz and 3 GHz and 2.4 to 6 GHz. Modern systems employ […]