Eight-Way Amplified Power Divider

Model APD-8-100M-28V is an 8-way amplified power divider module that provides a 100 MHz signal to 8 outputs with less than 4 dB +/-1.5 dB maximum  — measured 3.1 dB of loss. It balances a low noise figure with high output power. VSWR of 2.0:1 maximum – measured 1.1:1 In/1.25:1 Out, noise figure of 9.0 […]

Ten-Bit Programmable Attenuator

Model DTA-2G18G-60-CD-2 is a 10-bit programmable 60 dB PIN diode attenuator with a step resolution as low as 0.06 dB over the frequency range of 2.0 to 18.0 GHz. This model is supplied with SMA female RF connectors and a 15 pin D-Sub female DC connector in a slimline housing measuring 2.00 x 1.80 x […]

Low Noise Amplifier

Model PE2-40-100M18G-3R5-20-12-SFF is a 0.1 to 18.0 GHz low noise amplifier that provides a minimum of 37 dB of gain while maintaining a maximum gain flatness of +/-2.0 dB over the operating frequency. Noise figure is typically 3.5 dB from 2.0 to 18.0 GHz and 7.0 dB at 100 MHz and offers a minimum OP1dB […]

High Speed Threshold Detector

Model TD-1G12G-RL-CD-SFF-NH is a high speed threshold detector designed to operate over the 1 to 12 GHz frequency range. It has an adjustable threshold level of -30 to -10 dBm and VSWR of 3.0:1 typical. It comes in a very small size with field removable SMA connectors on the input and output. PLANAR MONOLITHICS IND. […]

Low Noise Amplifier

Model PE2-30-1R018R0-4R5-22-12-SFF-1 is a 1.0 to 18.0 GHz low noise amplifier that typically provides 30 dB of gain while maintaining a maximum gain flatness of +/-1.5 dB over the operating frequency. Noise figure is 4.5 dB maximum and OP1dB is 22 dBm minimum. Operating voltage is +12 to +15 VDC with a typical current draw […]

Digitally Controlled Phase Shifter

Model PS-360-3237-8-292FF is a high speed, millimeter-wave, 8-bit digitally controlled phase shifter that operates over the frequency range of 32.0 to 37.0 GHz. It offers a low insertion loss of 13 dB typically and maintains a VSWR of 1.8:1. Total phase shift range is 358.593º, having a step size of 1.406º and switches between states […]

SP7T Absorptive Switch

Model P7T-2G18G-60-T-1W is a SP7T absorptive switch with phase and amplitude matching of +/-6º and +/-0.5 dB respectively, relative to J2. It has also been designed to operate over the 2.0 to 8.0 GHz frequency range with low in-band video leakage of -65 dBm. Features include SMA female connectors. PLANAR MONOLITHICS IND.  (17)

High Speed, High Power Limiter

Model LM-618-10-1W-SHS-1-M is a high speed, high power limiter that operates from 6.0 to 18.0 GHz. It handles 100W peak power with a pulse width of 1usec. Insertion loss is only 1.5 dB typically, and it has a VSWR of 2.0:1 maximum. Its small housing is 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.22” in size. PLANAR MONOLITHICS […]