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Powerharvester® Chipset

The Powerharvester chipset includes the PCC110 RF-to-DC converter and the PCC210 boost converter. The chipset is used in conjunction with the company’s reference designs, including the P1110B and P2110B Powerharvester modules. Applications include high-function RFID, low power electronics, and more.  POWERCAST (7)

PPG, Powercast announce partnership to develop ultra-thin, wirelessly powered printed electronics

Applications include illuminated consumer product packaging, smart identification cards PPG (NYSE: PPG) and Powercast Corporation today announced a joint development agreement to produce ultra-thin and wirelessly powered printed electronics products. The advanced solutions combine PPG TESLIN® substrate, PPG conductive inks and Powercast’s POWERHARVESTER® receiver technology for delivering over-the-air wireless power. Powercast and PPG will introduce LED-based wireless illumination solutions […]

PowerSpot® Wireless Transmitter

The 3W, Bluetooth®-approved PowerSpot transmitter is said to be the industry’s first that works in the far field (up to 80 feet) to charge multiple consumer devices over the air — no charging mats needed. The company is also launching a development kit to help manufacturers design PowerSpot-based wireless charging ecosystems.   POWERCAST (14)

Powerharvester Receiver/Converter Chip

A thin, 3mm Powerharvester wireless power receiver and RF-to-DC converter chip (PCC114) has joined the Powerharvester Chipset family. Designed for embedding in space-constrained consumer designs, it harvests RF energy sent over the air from either intentional RF transmitters, or from anticipated RF sources such as UHF RFID readers or NFC POS readers, then converts it […]