Bandpass Filter Skirts Telecom Bands

A new narrowband filter for use in specific telecom applications, the RMFI.900-960Sf covers the 950 to 960 MHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 1.5 dB (max.) insertion loss, 18 dB (min.) return loss, and 50 dB (min.) rejection over the 900 to 935 MHz band. Alternate bands available.    RESPONSE MICROWAVE (15)

Compact SMA Isolator

A new compact isolator for use in 5G applications, the RMIS.18000-22000Smf covers the 18 to 22 GHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 0.6 dB insertion loss, VSWR of 1.20:1, and minimum isolation of 20 dB. Average forward power handling is 1W, and the unit is operational over -55 to +85ºC. RESPONSE MICROWAVE (8)

Armoured Cable Assemblies

Part of the company’s broader DC to 65 GHz vCBLZ range, the new vCBLZe Nomex®-wrapped series operates from DC to 18 GHz and offers interface combinations in N18, SMA, TNC, and all NMD combinations. Phase stability from <+/-5º and amplitude stability of 0.2 dB. Typical electrical performance of 2 dB insertion loss and 1.20:1 VSWR. […]

High Power Quad Hybrid

Model RMHY3.100-450Nf is a high power, 3 dB, 90º hybrid for use in radio applications. Operational from 100 to 450 MHz, the unit offers 0.7 dB insertion loss, 1.3:1 VSWR, and 18 dB minimum isolation with N female connectors. Power handling is 100W CW over the -40 to +105ºC range. RESPONSE MICROWAVE (13)


Response Microwave, Inc. a global specialist in the supply, design and manufacture of RF/Microwave connectivity and control component solutions, is celebrating its 15th year of business. With industry roots that date back to the 1980’s, RMI has experienced consistent growth and created a reputation for high performance and quality products at fair and reasonable price […]

Adaptor Configurations

Operational from DC to 65 GHz, this new comprehensive adaptor series for use in ATE and production applications offers straight, right angle, bulkhead, flanged and radiused configurations and are operational over the -55 to +105ºC range. Electrical performance optimized for given frequency range. RESPONSE MICROWAVE (48)

Ultra Broadband Coupler

The RMCO10.500-40000.292f coupler covers the 0.5 to 40 GHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 3 dB maximum insertion loss, VSWR of 1.70:1 maximum, and minimum isolation of 11 dB. Power handling is 20W and the unit is operational over the -55 to +105º C range. Size is 2.15 x 2.25 x 0.50” plus SMA […]

Tee Adaptor Family

A new series of tee adaptors for use in ATE or production cable routing applications provides coverage from DC to 18 GHz depending on interface, and 50 or 75 ohm impedance values. Available connectors include SMA, N, TNC, BNC, 7/16, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, 4.1/9.5, and other variants. RESPONSE MICROWAVE (36)