SMP to 2.4mm Adaptor Family

The new RMAD.BS.SMP24xx series provides full band DC to 40 GHz coverage with typical VSWR of 1.20:1 over the band. Units are available in all mixed genders of each connector, and the male SMP is available in smooth, limited, and full detent versions. Unit housings are made from passivated stainless stee.   RESPONSE MICROWAVE (57)

Two-Way Power Divider

The RMPD2.2-18Nf, a compact 2-way power divider, covers the 2 to 18 GHz band with typical electrical performance of 1.2 dB max. insertion loss, VSWR of 1.50:1 max., amplitude unbalance of 0.5 dB, and minimum isolation of 17 dB. Average power handling is 20W. The unit is operational from -55 to +85ºC.      RESPONSE […]

Waveguide to Coax Adaptor

The RMAD.BS.W137Nf, a new waveguide to coax adaptor for use in antenna Tx/Rx applications, operates over the 5.85 to 8.2 GHz band with typical electrical performance of 0.25 dB maximum insertion loss, and 1.10:1 maximum VSWR. Power handling is 50W CW. Operational over the -10 to +85ºC range.  RESPONSE MICROWAVE  (10)

Six-Way Divider for X-Band

Model RMPD6.6000-18000Sf is a compact 6-way power divider for use in X-band applications. It covers the 6 to 18 GHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 1.6 dB maximum insertion loss, VSWR of 1.70:1 maximum, amplitude unbalance of 0.8 dB, and minimum isolation of 16 dB.             RESPONSE MICROWAVE (40)

Armoured Cable Assemblies

Part of the company’s broader DC to 65 GHz vCBLZ range, the new vCBLZe Nomex®-wrapped series operates from DC to 18 GHz and offers interface combinations in N18, SMA, TNC, and all NMD combinations. Phase stability from <+/-5º and amplitude stability of 0.2 dB. Typical electrical performance of 2 dB insertion loss and 1.20:1 VSWR. […]


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