Type 10 Miniature Connector

Designed to operate in the next generation of wireless networks, this Type 10 connector exhibits excellent low PIM performance for applications up to 20 GHz. The design is optimized for attachment to ¼” and smaller cables. Type 10 is ideal for small footprint applications.   RF INDUSTRIES (88)

Low PIM Cable Assemblies with NEX10 Connectors

The NEX10™ RF connector interface was developed to address the need for a small form factor with high performance and is essentially a miniature version of the 4.3-10 connector. It is optimized for ¼” flexible corrugated and smaller cables, so the company has introduced low PIM plenum rated cable assemblies terminated with NEX10 male connectors. […]

Low PIM Plenum Cable Assemblies

Now available are low PIM plenum rated jumper cables with 1.0-2.3 male connectors. The assemblies use Times Microwave TFT-402-LF™ low PIM UL listed, type CMP (plenum) UL file #E-170516 cable. They are available in any combination of connector interfaces and lengths. RF INDUSTRIES (29)