Specialty Adapters

Right angle adapter model RFD-43M-FRA goes between 4.3-10 male and female connectors for space challenged applications. Female to female 4.3-10 adapter model RFD-43F-F is used to mate two 4.3-10 male connectors. Operating frequency is up to 6 GHz for both, with low PIM performance of <-160 dBc, 3rd order IM. RF INDUSTRIES (9)

Low PIM Plenum Cable Assemblies

Now available are low PIM plenum rated jumper cables with 1.0-2.3 male connectors. The assemblies use Times Microwave TFT-402-LF™ low PIM UL listed, type CMP (plenum) UL file #E-170516 cable. They are available in any combination of connector interfaces and lengths. RF INDUSTRIES (11)

Low PIM 1.0 -2.3 Adapter

Model RF123F-SM is a 1.0-2.3 female to SMA male adapter with low PIM perfomance of less than -155 dBc 3rd IM and good electrical performance up to 6 GHz. The adapter features a tri-metal plated machined brass body with PTFE dielectric. Ideal for DAS and wireless infrastructure applications. RF INDUSTRIES (108)