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Broad Bandwidth DSA

Design and sales support is available for a broad bandwidth digital step attenuator (DSA) from pSemi. The PE43508 offers 6-bit control with 0.5 dB LSB step accuracy for 31.5 dB attenuation range from 9 kHz to 55 GHz.  It features glitch-safe attenuation state transitions to protect circuits and is offered as a flip-chip die.  RFMW, […]

GaN Amplifier for Airborne Applications

Design and sales support is now available for a broad bandwidth, GaN, solid state power amplifier from Aethercomm. Model number SSPA 6.0-12.0-100 operates from 6 to 12 GHz and delivers a minimum output power of 100W. Employed in high shock and vibration environments, the unit can be used on board many different types of airborne […]

Glitch Free, 7-Bit Attenuator

Design and sales support is now offered for a 7-bit digital attenuator from Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT). The F1958 features ultra linear IIP3 of 64 dBm with 31.75 dB of control range in 0.25 dB steps. It is offered for 3G, 4G, and 4G+ base stations, distributed antenna systems, remote radio heads, and other […]

Single and Dual Channel Switch + LNA

Design and sales support is now available for new switch + LNA modules from pSemi. Four modules are available for 4G, 4.5G macro/micro cells, and 5G massive MIMO systems. Two single-channel modules and two dual-channel modules are available, covering 2.3 to 2.7 GHz and 3.3 to 3.8 GHz. RFMW, LTD. (5)

New 5G Circulators 

Design and sales support is now available for RF Circulator Isolator, Inc. circulators designed to meet the demands of linear power amplifiers in lower 5G band systems. Miniature pin-style devices are offered in square or round packages with forward power handling of 500W and reverse power handling of 20 or 30W, depending on the package.  […]

Spring Base Mounted UHF Antenna

Design and sales support is now available for a Southwest Antennas’ half-wave, dipole antenna. Part number 1001-201 is designed to support permanent ground communication stations or temporary installations for short-term communication networks in the 340 to 470 MHz frequency range.  RFMW, LTD. (14)

High Power IoT FEM

Design and sales support is available for a high performance T/R FEM designed for improved range in IoT applications. The Skyworks Solutions SKY66119-11 delivers 30.5 dBm output power at 400 to 500 MHz, effectively quadrupling communication range compared to standalone system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. RFMW, LTD. (19)

Concealment Antenna

Design and sales support is available for omni-directional concealment antenna products specifically for use in covert surveillance or other applications where an antenna needs to be hidden from view or otherwise disguised. Southwest Antennas’ model 1066-014 offers quad-band, 4G, LTE cellular coverage for global use. This antenna offers superior, 360º horizontal beamwidth and 76º low-band […]

Quadrifilar Helix Antennas

Design and sales support is now available for Sangshin QUBE antennas. Featuring a unique quadrifilar helix structure, the QUBE offers lighter weight than standard ceramic patch antennas (>85% reduction) for handheld RFID reader applications. Popular RFID frequencies are addressed. RFMW, LTD. (43)