Power Amplifier Evaluation Boards

Now available with full design support are two new evaluation boards from GaN Systems, Inc. The new power amplifiers, a 100W and a 300W, are designed for the growing wireless charging market and feature GaN technology that enables smaller, lighter, lower cost, and more efficient power systems. RICHARDSON RFPD (4)

Buck Converter Evaluation Board

Now available with full design support is a new evaluation board from GaN Systems Inc. and pSemi Corporation. The GS61008P-EVBHF 100 V buck converter evaluation board allows the user to evaluate GaN Systems’ 100V GS61008P E-Mode GaN transistor with the pSemi PE29101 gate driver in a half-bridge configuration. The PE29101 integrated high-speed driver is designed […]

LTE-A Pro Embedded Modules for IoT

Now available with full design support is a new 4G/LTE embedded cellular module from Sierra Wireless. The EM7565 offers global 4G/LTE coverage on 24 LTE bands. It provides uplink speeds up to 150 Mbps, downlink speeds up to 600 Mbps, and support for carrier aggregation and 256 QAM. The module also supports LTE-LAA and 3.5 […]

Wideband RF Receiver and Transmitter

Now available with full design support is a new multi-function RF receiver and multi-function RF transmitter from Analog Devices, Inc. Part of ADI’s RadioVerse™ technology and design ecosystem, the ADRV9008-1 is a highly-integrated, dual RF, agile receiver offering integrated synthesizers and digital signal processing functions, and the ADRV9008-2 is a highly-integrated, RF agile transmit subsystem […]

All-in-One Gate Driver Modules

Now available with full design support capabilities is a new series of gate driver modules for Si and SiC from Tamura Corporation. The DM Series of gate driver modules features built-in DC-DC converters and drive circuits, making it possible to drive using only a few external components. RICHARDSON RFPD (6)

Wideband RF Transceiver

Now available with full design support capabilities is a new RF transceiver from Analog Devices, Inc. The ADRV9009 is tunable from 75 MHz to 6 GHz, providing designers with a single radio platform to accelerate the deployment of 5G, sustain 2G/3G/4G coverage, and simplify phased array radar design.   RICHARDSON RFPD (9)

New Reference Design

Now available with full design support capabilities is a half-bridge gate drive power supply reference design from RECOM Power. The R-REF01-HB reference design consists of a half-bridge suitable for voltages up to 1kV and a fully-isolated driver stage with isolated power supplies for the low-side and the high-side switching transistors. It is suitable for single-gate […]

Solid State High Power Amplifier

The 1205/BBM3K5OEL, a new solid state high power amplifier from Empower RF Systems, is suitable for broadband mobile jamming, communications, general test, and band-specific applications from 500 to 2700 MHz. It features instantaneous ultra-broadband performance, as well as built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits. RICHARDSON RFPD (4)

RF Power LDMOS 150W Transistor

Design and sales support is now available for a 150W peak power  LDMOS transistor from NXP Semiconductors.  The AFT31150N is designed for applications operating at frequencies between 2700 and 3100 MHz. It is suitable for use in pulse applications and also ideal for commercial S-band radar systems. RICHARDSON RFPD (101)

AirPrime® Bluetooth Module

Now available with full design support capabilities is the BC118 certified Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 4.1 module with integrated antenna from Sierra Wireless. It is ideal for quickly and cost effectively adding simple, reliable low-energy data communication. Frequency band is 2.4 GHz, power voltage from 1.8 to 3.6 VDC. RICHARDSON RFPD (11)