WR-28 Lens Corrected Antenna Assembly

Model SAK-AL273403-28-C1 is a full band, dual polarized, WR-28 lens corrected antenna assembly that operates between 26.5 and 40 GHz. The antenna features an integrated orthomode transducer (OMT) that provides high port isolation and high cross-polarization cancellation. The OMT enables the antenna to separate a circularly or elliptically polarized waveform into two linear, orthogonal waveforms. […]

by Yonghui Shu, President and CEO – SAGE Millimeter, Inc. MPD: The defense market for RF and microwave components through subsystems appears to be more lucrative than in recent years, especially in the area of electronic warfare. If your company sells into the defense market, what are your thoughts about how it will perform in 2017? YS: The […]