WR-28 Lens Corrected Antenna Assembly

Model SAK-AL273403-28-C1 is a full band, dual polarized, WR-28 lens corrected antenna assembly that operates between 26.5 and 40 GHz. The antenna features an integrated orthomode transducer (OMT) that provides high port isolation and high cross-polarization cancellation. The OMT enables the antenna to separate a circularly or elliptically polarized waveform into two linear, orthogonal waveforms. […]

E-Band Waveguide Junction Circulators

Models SNW-7137630818-12-C1 and SNW-8138630818-12-C1 are E-band waveguide junction circulators that cover the frequency range of 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz. They are designed and manufactured to provide a low insertion loss of 0.8 dB maximum and a minimum isolation of 18 dB. SAGE MILLIMETER (72)

by Yonghui Shu, President and CEO – SAGE Millimeter, Inc. MPD: The defense market for RF and microwave components through subsystems appears to be more lucrative than in recent years, especially in the area of electronic warfare. If your company sells into the defense market, what are your thoughts about how it will perform in 2017? YS: The […]

E-Band VNA Frequency Extender

Model STO-12203-S1 is an E-band vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extender designed to achieve full 2-port, S-parameter testing at 60 to 90 GHz. The frequency extenders can achieve a dynamic range of 90 dB and are great for testing many E-band devices, including passive and active devices. It takes a pair to complete the full […]

SP6T PIN Diode Switch

Model SK6-0232432520-KFKF-R1 is a PIN diode-based, reflective single pole, six throw switch with a TTL driver that operates from 2 to 24 GHz. The switch requires separate -5V and +5V biasing in addition to the TTL control. This model offers a small form factor, nominal 4.0 dB insertion loss, and 35 dB typical isolation with […]

FMCW Integrated Radar Sensor

Model SSD-24307-2216M-A1 is a single-transmit, dual-receive ranging sensor that can be used in CW, FSK, or FMCW modes. The sensor uses a 24 GHz VCO with a high quality PLL IC to generate the desired signal with an internal reference signal of 100 MHz to cover the frequency range of 24.00 to 24.25 GHz. SAGE […]

E-Band Orthomode Transducer

Model SAT-FE-12212-S1 is a WR-12 orthomode transducer (OMT) that operates between 60 and 90 GHz. The OMT can either separate a circular or elliptically polarized waveform into two linear, orthogonal waveforms, or combine two linear polarized waveforms into one circular or elliptically polarized waveform. SAGE MILLIMETER (93)

Waveguide Bandpass Filter

Model SWF-74305350-12-B1 is an E-band waveguide bandpass filter to pass the frequency range of 71 to 75 Ghz and reject the frequency DC to 67 GHz and 81 to 90 GHz. The nominal insertion loss is 2.0 dB and the typical rejection is 50 dB. The waveguide interface of the filter is WR-12 waveguides with […]

High Dynamic Range Electrical Attenuator

Model SKA-6039033030-1212-A1 is an E-Band, PIN diode based, electrical attenuator. It exhibits typical 2.5 dB insertion loss and 30 dB attenuation covering the frequency range of 60 to 90 GHz. Control voltage of the standard model is 0 to -5 VDC with a typical current draw of 5mA. SAGE MILLIMETER (49)