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Active Frequency Quadrupler 

Model A487-4XW-19 is a frequency multiplier designed for output operation from 44 to 51 GHz. Requiring only 5 dBm input power, it is capable of generating 20 dBm typical output power across the entire frequency range with better than 35 dBc undesired harmonic rejection. Ideal for use as a driver for subsequent multiplication used in […]

Frequency Converter

Model M60-3X2B is a frequency converter/mixer for 5G and WiGig research efforts. It operates in V-band, with RF input frequencies from 57 to 64 GHz. The LO input frequency is 28.5 to 32 GHz at +15 dBm. An integrated LO X2 multiplier generates the 57 to 64 GHz LO. IF output frequency is 0.01 to […]