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RJ45 Punch Down Modular Plugs

The Cat6 and Cat6A RJ45 punch down modular plugs are time saving solutions for Ethernet connections that require field terminations. The color-coded conductor pre-load wire manager provides an efficient termination without the need for tools. Applications include data, telecom, wireless, and more.  STEWART CONNECTOR (21)

Qwik RJ45™ Cat6/Cat5E Modular Plug

The new Qwik RJ45 Cat6/Cat5E Modular Plug is designed to be terminated to industry standard Cat5E and Cat6 cables while reducing assembly time/improving termination quality in the field. Unlike the standard RJ45, the Qwik RJ45 allows cable conductors to be inserted into the connector before being trimmed to length. STEWART CONNECTOR (16)