Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit

Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit Ultra-fast power semiconductor switching technology, such as SiC or GaN that make up some of today’s power electronics topologies, are extremely difficult to optimize. The SiC MOSFET and GaN FET Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit is the only solution on the market that can accurately characterize all the critical parameters […]

Tektronix Names Tami Newcombe as President

Tektronix, Inc. announced that Tami Newcombe has been promoted to president of Tektronix. Newcombe joined Tektronix in early 2017 as commercial president and has been responsible for leading global sales and marketing. In her elevated role, Newcombe will report to Pat Byrne, who previously served as president of Tektronix and is currently senior vice president […]

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG70000B Series arbitrary waveform generator has new features that enable it to fully support the testing of complex electronic warfare and wireless communications systems that require the ability to dynamically alter signal sequences during test scenarios. In complex test scenarios, engineers and researchers need flexibility to accurately recreate real-world signals and cycle through fast-changing […]

Keeping Ahead of the Interference Challenges

by Robin Jackman, Tektronix In our highly wireless world, interference is an unwelcome addition to the equation that results in noise, interrupts cell phone calls and just generally messes up communication. In the case of cellular networks, interference is actually part of the network. While more networks today have built-in features to detect interference, these […]