New Tool Kits for Coaxial Cables

Four new tool kits for LMR-195/200, LMR-240, LMR-300, and LMR-500 coaxial cables are now available. They are designed to simplify cable preparation and end termination of the respective cable connectors. Each tool kit contains the necessary tools conveniently packaged in a rugged tool pouch. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (14)

WSB Strain Relief/Weatherproofing Kit

A new WSB-195-200 strain relief/weatherproofing kit is available for LMR-195 and LMR-200 connectors. It works with the most popular LMR-195 EZ and LMR-200 EZ X series crimp connectors. The flexible silicone boot strain relief/weatherproofing kits require no heat and only simple hand assembly. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (17)

5G…The Communications Game Changer

by Michael Brewster, Director, Global Business Development – Times Microwave Systems The introduction of 5G cellular technology will change the game in the telecom industry for many years to come. It utilizes the millimeter wave frequency spectrum to increase data for all users. It will significantly reduce the latency issues when compared to LTE technology. The overall coverage […]

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

The new LMR-LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen LMR cable) features low smoke, low toxicity, non-halogen; UV resistant, meets UL-1581, 720 hour UV exposure; Non-UL Listed cable; and LMR connector, which means that installation tools and hardware accessories may be directly used. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (66)

New Times-Protect® Series

The new LP-STRH-D series with 7/16 DIN connectors is an exceptional DC blocked design with outstanding surge performance designed for LTE and Public Safety requirements in the 700 to 2700 MHz range. With its excellent PIM performance, low insertion loss and low return loss over the entire operating band and superior surge performance, the new […]

High Performance Lightning Protection

The Times-Protect® LP-HBX-D high performance lightning protector series provides exceptional protection over the 100 to 700 MHz frequency band, addressing high power (up to 750W) single or multi channel applications. The DC blocked design provides superior surge protection while maintaining outstanding return loss and insertion loss performance. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (14)

TCAT-6-DB™ Category 6 Cable

The new TCAT-6-DB Category 6 Ethernet cable is an ideal solution for data cable installation in outdoor environments. Features include excellent electrical characteristics; high coverage, water blocked, tinned copper outer shield for optimal grounding; and >90 dB RF shielding. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (45)

Lightning and Surge Protection

The Times Protect® LP-STRH-4.3-10 series of connectors is an exceptional DC blocked design for superior surge performance, capable of withstanding multiple lightning strikes. Its operating bandwidth of 700 to 2700 MHz makes it suitable for a broad range of applications, and its fully weatherized housing meets the IP67 standard, allowing for outdoor as well as […]

New 4.3/10 mini-DIN Connector

Many new 4.3/10 mini-DIN connectors for the SPP250, SPP500, TFT402 and TFT401 low PIM 50 ohm plenum rated coaxial cable assemblies for use in distributed antenna system (DAS) applications are now available. All cables meet or exceed the requirements of UL 910 for plenum applications and are UL listed and printed. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (31)