LMR® Express Coaxial Cable Assemblies

These assemblies incorporate the latest connector designs along with new WSB weather seal boots and can be delivered within two weeks of order placement. All assemblies are 100% tested for VSWR and IL, protected with dust caps, and individually packaged in labeled poly bags. The product meets VSWR of 1.25:1 up to 2.5 GHz and […]

Clarity™ Series Test Cables

The new Clarity Series of 18, 26.5, and 40 GHz coax test cables feature steel torque, crush and overbend protection with abrasion resistance—all without compromising flexibility. The cable is ultra-stable through 40 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation. An industry first includes an ergonomically designed, injection molded strain relief and the company’s new SureGrip™ coupling nut […]

Clarity™ Series 40 GHz Test Cables

The new Clarity Series of 18, 26.5, and 40 GHz coax test cables boasts steel torque, crush, and overbend protection with abrasion resistance, yet does not compromise flexibility. The cable is ultra stable through 40 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation. Ideal for use as VNA test port extension and more.    TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (10)

Low PIM Field Install Connectors

Three low PIM field install connectors have been introduced for the TFT-401 and TFT-401-LF cables. The interfaces are Type N, 4.3/10.0 DIN, and 7/16 DIN males. These TCP series connectors provide better than -160 dBc (dynamic) of PIM performance. They can be terminated using basic hand tools. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (8)

New Surge Protectors

Times-Protect® surge protection devices now has a new Weatherized/Outdoor Data Line surge protection product family. Utilizing leading edge technology in its design, these four unique devices address surge protection for twisted pair cat 5e and cat 6 applications and have been tested against extended RFC2544 test methods. TIMES MICROWAVE SYSTEMS (9)

5G…The Communications Game Changer

by Michael Brewster, Director, Global Business Development – Times Microwave Systems The introduction of 5G cellular technology will change the game in the telecom industry for many years to come. It utilizes the millimeter wave frequency spectrum to increase data for all users. It will significantly reduce the latency issues when compared to LTE technology. The overall coverage […]