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Smiths Microwave Integrates TECOM, TRAK, and Millitech into Single Business

Smiths Microwave Integrates TECOM, TRAK, and Millitech into Single Business

Smiths Microwave announces the restructuring of three companies in its portfolio into a single integrated business. Organized as Smiths Microwave Subsystems, the business unit includes Millitech in Northampton and South Deerfield, MA, TECOM Industries in Thousand Oaks, CA, and TRAK Microwave in Tampa, FL. The integration is designed to provide enhanced value to customers through a more integrated product offering and improved performance of all areas of the business. The team will continue to use the established brands of Millitech, TECOM and TRAK and remain as three separate legal entities to ensure continuity in the contracting process.

Microwave Subsystems offers a strong heritage of providing highly specialized RF/microwave subsystems, precise time and frequency systems and antenna solutions to defense and commercial customers. The strategic alignment into a single business will better leverage the broad and deep portfolio of products and technologies enabling the development of new RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and integrated digital technologies and products. In addition, as a single business, Microwave Subsystems will drive the most efficient processes across its locations to provide customers with a reliable, value-added business partner.

“We’re thrilled to be offering our customers a complementary portfolio of products and will be better positioned to solve their technical challenges on next generation programs as a single business. Each brand has operated under a mantra of technology and operational excellence and as an integrated business that focus is amplified,” said Microwave Subsystems President David Moorehouse. “Our customers expect outstanding delivery and quality and we’re committed to complementing that with a differentiated and expanded portfolio of products and technologies. Our mission is to be a partner with our customers and not merely a supplier.”

Customers can continue to connect with their contacts within each brand and source products and services at each brand’s website at www.millitech.com, www.tecom.com and www.trak.com.