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AtlanTecRF launches a ‘build your own amplifier’ web tool to simplify product specification and customisation


AtlanTecRF, a leading global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, today launched an easy to use ‘build your own amplifier’ web tool. The tool is designed to take customers through a series of questions to help them easily specify and customise their amplifier requirements.

Customising products can be time consuming and often result in the customer and manufacturer needing to gather additional information before a final specification is completed. AtlanTecRF’s ‘build your own amplifier’ tool takes away a lot of the information exchange between parties by ensuring all the necessary data required to customise an amplifier is gathered upfront before product specifications are begun.

“Although we provide a wide range of standard amplifiers, we find some of our customers prefer to custom build products. In order to make customisation quick, simple and as thorough as possible we created the ‘build your own amplifier’ web tool”, commented Geoff Burling, CEO at AtlanTecRF.

“Our tool guides a buyer through the whole customisation process. And because the tool has been created by people who regularly build customised amplifiers, it focuses on gathering only the essential information needed. This means that when someone uses our ‘build your own amplifier’ tool they can confidently specify their requirements without worrying that they have missed out a piece of vital information”, Geoff concluded.

About AtlanTecRF
AtlanTecRF is a leading global manufacturer RF and microwave components and custom-built equipment to the Aerospace, Satellite, Telecommunications, Defence and Scientific Research industries.

All products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards and range from attenuators and amplifiers through to couplers, connectors, isolators, power dividers to oscillators, switches, terminations and filters.

AtlanTecRF stocks nearly 2,000 product lines available for same day despatch.

AtlanTecRF is a brand name of Atlantic Microwave Ltd