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2-Part Fall 2016 Webinar Series from IMPI

Industrial Microwave Heating
October 6th at 11am-12pm EDST

Most industrial food processing system using microwave energy combines that with other heat transfer means. These include hot air, steam, frying and more. A number of commercial systems will be described and analyzed. This one hour webinar is presented by Bob Schiffmann of R.F. Schiffmann Associates Inc.
Solid-State Generation of RF and Microwave Energy and its Applications
November 29th at 11am-12pm EDST

This one hour webinar will be presented by Dr. Klaus Werner of the R.F. Energy Alliance and will report on the fundamentals of solid state RF generation, the technologies involved, typically used system architectures, control schemes, as well as existing and future markets, the associated applications and the role of the RF Energy Alliance.
Webinars are free of charge to all IMPI Members. $99 for one webinar or $179 for both Fall Webinars. Registration is now open.