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Antenna Company Awarded Technology Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan


Analyst Firm recognizes Antenna Company’s innovative SuperShape® antenna technology

Frost & Sullivan presented Antenna Company with its Technology Innovation Award for Advanced Antennas for Wireless Communications.

Frost & Sullivan noted that the rollout of new wireless standards is driving an increase in the number of multi-band antennas per system, while product form factors continue to shrink. The analyst firm concluded that these trends require a new approach in antenna technology to deliver the best performance and end-user experience.

With the award, Frost & Sullivan recognized Antenna Company’s patented SuperShape® technology, which enables antenna systems to overcome the challenges associated with integration of multiple antennas into consumer and enterprise applications. SuperShape® technology combines 2D and 3D optimization of antenna geometries with engineered polymer materials to create dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) systems with excellent efficiency, isolation, and coverage.

“Antenna Company is honored to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan,” said company CEO, David Favreau. “The award recognizes the scalability of SuperShape® technology across multiple applications where data throughput, extended coverage, or streaming video performance is critical.”

Antenna Company is working with customers to integrate its technology into products such as Wi-Fi routers, set-top boxes, home gateways, notebook PCs, outdoor access points, and telematics devices.

“Antenna Company has successfully demonstrated the benefits of its technology for Wi-Fi and GPS applications,” said Senior Research Analyst Jabez Mendelson at Frost & Sullivan. “In addition to those examples, we see strong potential for the application of Antenna Company’s technology in the emerging 5G market to help improve network capacity and coverage.”

About Antenna Company

Antenna Company is an antenna systems provider that delivers high-performance 2D and 3D solutions based on advanced materials, proprietary design principles and RF system expertise. Our patented technology results in clearly differentiated performance over conventional antenna solutions in the market. Our mission is to solve difficult antenna system issues for existing and next generation wireless standards. We provide standard and customized solutions to leading OEMs and ODMs for Wi-Fi, GPS, Cellular and other wireless technologies. Antenna Company has a design center in the Netherlands with sales offices in the US and Asia. The company is headquartered in Willemstad, Curaçao

For more information, please visit http://www.antennacompany.com