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Robert Bagheri Joins Telewave, Inc. as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Telewave, Inc., a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave products for public safety, land mobile radio, and other radio communications services, today announced that Robert Bagheri has joined the company as chairman and chief executive officer.

Mr. Bagheri has more than 35 years of experience in executive, management, and engineering positions within the electronics industry. Before joining Telewave, Mr. Bagheri was founder, investor, and chairman of a stealth start-up serving the wearables and mobile markets.

He was formerly chief operating officer of 3D additive printing pioneer EoPlex, Inc., executive vice president of operations, quality, reliability, and software at media conversion company Zenverge, Inc., senior vice president of central engineering and operations, quality, and reliability at Applied Micro Devices, and executive vice president of operations at Silicon Image and SiRF Technologies.

He earlier held product engineering and management positions at S3 Inc., Zoran Corp., Microchip Technology, IMP, Inc., and Monolithic Memories. Mr. Bagheri received his EE degree from the Cleveland Institute of Technology.

 “Telewave has an impressive 45-year history of growth in serving the telecommunications industry,” said Mr. Bagheri. “I look forward to expanding the company’s presence in its core markets and exploiting new opportunities as wireless communications enters one of the most vibrant periods in its history.”

About Telewave 

Founded in 1973, Telewave is a leading manufacturer of RF products for radio systems used in public safety and land mobile applications, utilities and transportation, defense systems, and by radio amateurs. Its products include duplexers, cavity filters, transmitter combiners, power dividers, transmit and receive filters and isolators, tower-top preamplifiers, preselectors, high-power terminations, and antennas. The company also manufactures instruments designed to ensure the performance of communication systems, including wattmeters and RF power monitors. Telewave’s products are used by more than 7,500 equipment and network manufacturers and government agencies throughout the world.

For more information: sales@telewave.comhttp://www.telewave.com/