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Product Design for EMC Regulations Seminar


Often times the designer of a new product is not aware that there are many EMC (electromagnetic compliance) regulations that their final product will need to meet. Student with circuit boardLearning the regulatory details and how to design their product to meet those specific regulations early in the planning stages can save manufacturers valuable time and money. D.L.S. is currently offering designers the opportunity to attend a 3-day seminar/workshop to increase their awareness of EMC and how to design a compliant product.

If you are planning a new product or updating a current one.

If so, you will need to:

  • Know where it will be sold
  • Know what regulations it will need to meet
  • Understand the concepts of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design

Once you know where your product will be sold, you can learn what regulations it will need to meet, as well as learn the EMC fundamentals of designing a product at the three-day practical applications seminar/workshop given by Donald L. Sweeney and his colleagues.

EMC By Your Design
March 20-22, 2018
Northbrook, IL
For details visit www.dlsemc.com/seminar
or call 847-537-6400