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Wideband, SP3T PIN Diode Switch

Wideband, SP3T PIN Diode Switch

The MASW-011029 is a wideband SP3T switch manufactured using the company’s patented AlGaAs PIN diode MMIC process, on a semi-insulating GaAs substrate. The device is fully passivated with silicon nitride and has an additional layer of BCB for scratch protection. This protective coating prevents damage to the circuit during automated or manual handling. These devices are suitable for pick and place insertion. Each RF port contains DC blocking capacitors and a DC bias circuit consisting of high impedance lines and RF bypass capacitors. This device has 100 um gold-plated bonding pads at all RF and DC ports. RF and DC ground backside gold plating allows conventional chip bonding techniques using 80Au/20SN solder, Indalloy solder, or electrically conductive silver epoxy. Applications include satellite communication, millimeter-wave radar, 77 GHz automotive cruise control radar, and 94 GHz imaging in astronomy, defense, and security applications.