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Optima Stantron Selected to Provide Highly Rugged Cabinets for Naval Radar Application


Optima Stantron, an Elma company, has received a $2.4 million order from a leading defense prime contractor to supply highly rugged electronic equipment cabinets for the U.S. Navy’s next-generation air and missile defense radar (AMDR) program.

The AN/SPY-6 AMDR program delivers truly scalable, and significantly enhanced, radar capabilities for U.S. Navy ships to detect air and surface targets and potential missile threats.

The Optima Stantron equipment cabinet selected for the program embodies the core principles of this critical, next-generation radar system. Among the stringent AMDR program requirements are hardware modularity and scalability that enable a growth path for technology insertion and performance enhancements throughout the lifecycle of the radar equipment.

The ability to withstand environmental and man-made impacts across different operating environments as well as the use of open architecture are also mandates of the program.

Shan Morgan, president of Elma Electronic Inc., parent company of Optima Stantron, noted, “Today’s warfare systems are already looking towards tomorrow’s requirements. Not only do our rugged cabinets and racks guarantee the protection, reliability and scalability that defense programs demand, they offer the proven modularity to accommodate application needs in the future.”

Optima Stantron builds rack and cabinet solutions that meet several defense requirements, including MIL-STD-901D and 810F. The COTS modular base designs enable the packaging solutions to be tailored to fit specific needs for government, military and aerospace applications.

The order was booked in the company’s fiscal 2018 third quarter and is expected to ship over the next several quarters.

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