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iDirect Government Acquires Glowlink Communications Technologies, Inc.


iDirect Government, a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Engineering iDirect, has acquired Glowlink Communications Technologies, Inc., a Mountain View, CA, leader in innovative solutions for mitigating satellite interferences and improving the quality of satellite communications.

This breaking news means the company will add intellectual property, engineering personnel and proprietary technologies to iDirect Government’s family and product portfolio. This includes Communication Signal Interference Removal (CSIR™) anti-jam technology and associated products, which will benefit defense and government SATCOM customers globally.

iDirect Government’s bandwidth-efficient, scalable and highly secure satellite solutions are deployed throughout government and defense agencies worldwide to enable critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), airborne, maritime and communications on the move (COTM) connectivity to support force protection, logistics, situational awareness, disaster recovery and emergency response.

Glowlink is an industry leader in innovative solutions for fighting satellite interference and improving the quality and integrity of satellite communications. Products span carrier and spectrum monitoring, interference detection and mitigation, geolocation and satellite capacity planning which will directly complement the iDirect Government product line.

“Adversaries have increasingly sophisticated capabilities to jam transmissions over any satellite or a digitally modulated carrier, and the CSIR signal excision anti-jam solution provides immediate benefits to our user community,” said John Ratigan, president of iDirect Government. “The best-in-breed CSIR anti-jam technology does not require additional bandwidth compared to existing technologies. This saves customers costs whilehelping the military overcome threats. Additionally, our military and government customers now will have the best engineering teams from both companies to accelerate innovation cycles, resulting in a fast time to market with anti-jam technology to support their critical connectivity needs whenever and wherever they may be.”