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PHY Wireless™ Launched to Address Today’s Real World Cellular Location and Capacity Challenges


PHY Wireless, a newly formed positioning wireless company, announced it has separated from its parent, Acorn Technologies. The spin-off will allow PHY Wireless to become a leading pure play provider of high performance accurate positioning mobile solutions for carriers, chip makers, IoT module manufacturers, application service providers and end users.

“We are very enthusiastic about this step in our transformation, creating PHY Wireless,” said Tom Horgan, CEO of Acorn Technologies. “Our team has worked diligently over many years to focus our technology innovations through proof of concept, to commercial ready solutions. We have strong design-win momentum across our core product line, excellent relationships with key tier-one wireless operators, focused commercialization launch plans, and an investable business model with a clear focus on PHY Wireless’ positioning mobile solutions – where we see the greatest growth opportunities.”

“PHY Wireless is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing location of things market and will provide the technology and services necessary to add location intelligence to a wide range of existing and new applications,” said Steven Caliguri, vice president of PHY Wireless. “The technology has been engineered for the toughest minimal IoT situation, leading to a very small footprint, requiring the least network resources and device power of anything in the marketplace. This will allow IoT module makers and wireless chip makers to meet the aggressive targets for LPWA IoT solutions in terms of cost, power, and performance.”

PHY Wireless Overview

PHY Wireless has developed a complete portfolio, known as hellaPHY, of truly scalable, low cost, positioning and location intelligence solutions to enable high-accuracy and low-power location services on existing LTE and 5G networks. PHY Wireless’s algorithms are designed for the lowest implementation of the IoT or LPWA roadmap, allow for positioning to be device based with next to no network interaction, thereby reducing power dramatically, and thus extending battery life. Battery life will be a key factor in the success of IoT solutions. The technology anticipates carriers’ needs in a world of ever increasing wireless device density, and optimizing network bandwidths. PHY Wireless’s solutions scale throughout the UE categories and support E911 requirements. PHY Wireless’s algorithms also bring infrastructure efficiency to carriers by extending spectral efficiency. The company provides both hardware and software versions of its algorithms that can exist within basebands or on application processors.