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AR Chamber Team Tailors Test Chamber Solutions To Customer Needs


AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has assembled a team of highly qualified, experienced chamber specialists to market its best-in-class EMC test chambers.

“AR has become a single source solution for those involved in EMC testing,” explains John Kim, COO of AR. “Our team is providing a sophisticated total solution package that includes every aspect of EMC test chambers.”

The cornerstone of AR’s Chamber Team includes three seasoned professionals, who are dedicated to tailoring test chamber-related solutions for the unique applications of our customers.

Tara Kellogg has ten years experience in RF, EMC, EMI, and EMP projects, having worked for Rainford EMC Systems, ETS-Lindgren, and Faraday. She has been involved in a variety of shielding projects for EMC, medical, industrial, government and research applications across the globe.

Mario Cortez’s sixteen-plus year career has revolved around EMC Testing, RF Shielding Engineering, and Project Management, beginning at ETS-Lindgren. Most recently, Mr. Cortez worked for Eisenmann Corporation, managing industrial projects.

Mark Miles has more than thirty-three years of experience with organizations ranging from Ford Motor Company, Underwriters Laboratories to TK Holdings and AP Americas.

The AR Chamber Team is in-place, providing AR customers throughout North America with test systems, chamber designs and installations. Their projects encompass test facilities in government, aerospace & defense, and commercial segments, as well as 3rd-party test houses.

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