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VFTT – Guerrilla RF

VFTT – Guerrilla RF

by Ryan Pratt, Founder, CEO, Guerrilla RF

MPD: How effective do you believe operation at millimeter wavelengths will be for meeting the challenges of 5G?


I believe operation at millimeter wavelengths will play a role in 5G, but I don’t think it will be significant for several years. With the Digital Dividend frequency band, CBRS bands, and other new sub 6 GHz bands becoming available, there is still a lot of spectrum that 5G can use without needing to overcome the challenges of millimeterWave operation. Only once sub 6GHz bands become saturated will millimeterWave become more than a niche piece of 5G, which could be a while.

MPD:  In addition to 5G and IoT, what commercial markets will be the most important for the industry in 2020?


I believe that automotive will be an important market for the industry in 2020. The ramifications of connected cars and autonomous vehicles are just beginning to play out.  As these megatrends begin to gain momentum, they will lead to massive opportunities for the wireless industry. An example is the beginning of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) rollouts. V2X will be a critical piece of automotive safety in the years to come and it all depends on wireless communication.

MPD: Is your company having trouble in finding new microwave engineers?


We haven’t had too much trouble finding new microwave engineers. Since we are a smaller company, we have a lot of great candidates drawn to our laidback culture. In addition, we offer better than average benefits that help attract great talent. Some examples are $0 cost health insurance, unlimited paid time off/PTO, and flexible scheduling. We value our employees above all else and put our money where our mouth is.