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Dual-Channel Ku-band Rotary Joint

Dual-Channel Ku-band Rotary Joint

The latest addition to the company’s comprehensive range of microwave rotary joints is the AMCORJD-2KU device, which offers a coaxial dual-channel Ku-band capability that makes it ideal for both satellite-on-the-move and radar applications, both military and commercial. While microwave rotary joints of this type are usually designed with a high-frequency transmit channel and a lower-frequency L-band receive channel, the new device features two channels operating in the Ku-band. Minimizing crosstalk is therefore a critical consideration, and the rotary joint achieves an impressive 50 dB minimum isolation between the channels with typical figures better than 70 dB. The Ku-band receive channel allows designers of satellite-on-the-move stabilized antenna platforms to eliminate frequency conversion hardware from the rotating side of the assembly, making for a simpler and more compact antenna design. In addition, the device’s two-channel non-contacting design means it can provide the long life with continuous rotation that is required for use in compact radar antennas.