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Class AB Broadband Amplifier Modules

Class AB Broadband Amplifier Modules

A new series of high power, Class AB broadband amplifier modules incorporate GaN, LDMOS or VDMOS semiconductor technology. The combination of high linearity and efficiency with low distortion over a wide dynamic range make them ideal for a variety of applications, including communications systems, military radio, radar, signal jamming, test and measurement, and base stations. There are 18 models in the series that cover frequency bands from 20 MHz to 18 GHz and feature saturated output power levels ranging from 10 to 200W and power gain up to 53 dB. Designs operate in a 50 ohm environment and are unconditionally stable. The compact coaxial packages use SMA or N-Type connectors and have integrated D-Sub control connectors for DC bias, enabled with TTL logic control, current sense and temperature sense functions. These rugged assemblies operate over a wide temperature range from -20 to +60ºC and can withstand relative humidity exposure up to 95% maximum.