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Slant-Polarized, 4-Port OMNI Antenna

Slant-Polarized, 4-Port OMNI Antenna

A newly introduced 4-port, slant-polarized antenna delivers true OMNI performance in a small form factor package and covers the 5150 to 5950 MHz frequency range. This 27” OMNI antenna limits the tower footprint and provides 360º coverage with 13 dBi pre-beamforming antenna gain, making it ideal for micro-pop deployments. It also optimizes 4×4 MU-MIMO’s full capabilities with the Cambium ePMP3000, utilizing the antenna’s two overlapping bidirectional dipole-like patterns. These patterns provide high gain to maximize coverage area and low side lobes to improve isolation between MIMO chains. The new antenna includes a Cambium ePMP3000 radio mount with an aluminum cover that protects the radio and cables from the environment. Also included are 4 x Reverse Polarity SMA to N-Male LMR 195 6” cables. Depending on the radio and terrain, operators can expect coverage to span within 2 to 5 miles of the antenna. This antenna will stand up to the harshest elements with a UB-resistant PVC radome and robust hardware.