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AR Releases Updated Version of EMC Test Software


With the release of emcware® 5.0, AR is making EMC testing more complete, cost effective, and reliable.

John Kim, COO of AR explains, “This is EMC software that will transform your capabilities.” From accelerated start-up to 1-click reporting, emcware 5.0 provides ease of use.

The new version of AR’s emcware delivers:

  • Reduced set-up time and training through streamlined user workflow
  • 500+ built-in testing profiles
  • Pre-built reporting templates
  • Efficient software validation
  • Reverb immunity testing methodologies

AR Also Offers Nexio BAT-EMC Test Software

In order to meet the varied needs of all those involved in EMC testing, AR also offers Nexio BAT-EMC test software. It offers enhanced flexibility for EMC and non-EMC testing and in-depth equipment management.

AR is bringing together two great products as part of its commitment to offering total solution.

AR’s worldwide service & support team provides expert guidance, technical know-how, and total product support for both software products, as it does for all equipment the company provides.

About AR

AR supplies a multitude of unique, high performance RF solutions to organizations around the world. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary and continue to offer equipment with technological industry breakthroughs on a consistent basis. The company’s unlimited support network reaches the far corners of the globe. When users purchase from any AR company they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the global leader will be there to help with any problems today, tomorrow, and always.