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New 10 GHz Gain Blocks for X-band

New 10 GHz Gain Blocks for X-band

Spearheaded by an 18.4 dB gain model, this new group of gain blocks, TDGB010, is based on an indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) technology suitable for both space and defense applications. It achieves this through its ceramic packaging and space qualification. Now HiRel customers have a standard amplifier solution that stretches from L- through X-band. Since a standardized amplifier solution reduces the number of new qualified components that flight programs typically require, it greatly simplifies the procurement process for components. The X-band gain blocks are available in configurations of 13.6, 16.5, and 18.4 dB, which enable RF design engineers to more precisely configure the signal gain. The TDGB010 50 ohm gain block incorporates proprietary MMIC design techniques and also utilizes a mature and reliable heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) InGaP process. With space-flight heritage, the process has shown to be radiation tolerant to 100 krad, making it an ideal choice for satellites and other high-altitude applications.