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Anritsu Continues to Lead Coverage of 5G NR Protocol Conformance Tests at PVG#89/PTCRB#104


Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that the PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) Validation Group (PVG) has agreed the highest number of 5G New Radio (NR) Protocol Conformance tests on the 5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR at its PVG#89 meeting in May. These tests were subsequently approved during the PTCRB#104 meeting in June.

Anritsu validations included tests for Non-Standalone (NSA) mode, Standalone (SA) mode, and frequency bands covering Time Division Duplex (TDD) and Frequency Division Duplex (FDD). As a result, the Anritsu ME7834NR continues to maintain its position as the leading Protocol Conformance Test Platform. It provides industry-best test coverage, enabling chipset suppliers, device manufacturers, and test houses to accelerate the certification and introduction of new 5G devices and services.

The conformance tests are defined by 3GPP in TS 38.523 and have been validated on multiple Sub-6 GHz Frequency Range 1 (FR1), and millimeter wave (mmWave) Frequency Range 2 (FR2) frequency bands. The5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR is registered with the Global Certification Forum (GCF)and PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) as Test Platform (TP) 251.

ME7834NR Outline

The 5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR is a test platform for 3GPP-based Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) and Carrier Acceptance Testing (CAT) of mobile devices incorporating Multiple Radio Access Technologies (RAT). It supports 5G NR in both SA and NSA modes, in addition to LTE, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), LTE-A Pro, and W-CDMA. When combined with Anritsu’s new OTA RF Chamber MA8171A and RF converters, the ME7834NR covers the Sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G frequency bands.