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High Frequency SMA Connectors

High Frequency SMA Connectors

The company has expanded its high frequency SMA connector series with extended frequency cable mount connectors supporting up to 34 GHz. With a lightweight, compact and vibration proof design, they are ideal for a variety of applications including 5G wireless infrastructure, military, RFID, and radar systems. These new cable connectors are available in a straight solder plug configuration and optimized for various conformable and semi-rigid cables. A threaded coupling mechanism ensures uniform contact of the outer conductors, which enables the SMA connector to minimize reflections and attenuation at higher frequencies. This allows for a high degree of mechanical strength and durability. SMA high frequency connectors are machined with brass bodies and beryllium copper contacts, both of which feature a cost-effective gold over high-phosphorous nickel plating, ensuring optimal connectivity for the life of the connector. They also incorporate a stainless steel retaining ring and coupling nut, and PTFE insulator supporting temperatures up to 165˚C.