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Photovoltaic Array Simulators

Photovoltaic Array Simulators

A new family of photovoltaic (PV) array simulators are the first to deliver 2000V and 20kW of power in a 3U format, enabling engineers to maximize solar power conversion. This next generation PV8900 series of PV array simulators offers the following features and customer benefits: the highest power density with 20kW in 3U high that can be paralleled to 200kW to test string inverters at full power capacity while reducing rack space, up to 2000V, 30A output to test the next generation of string inverters which future proofs array simulator investment, DG9000A advanced PV inverter test software simplifies curve creation and download to quickly gain insight into a single MPPT or up to 12 MPPTs, and versatility to use as a standard 20kW autoranging power supply with built-in output list, datalogging and arbitrary waveform generation for improved return on investment.  

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