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SMP Connectors and Terminators

SMP Connectors and Terminators

The SMP product series has been expanded with enhanced performance connectors and the introduction of terminators. SMP connectors are ideal for telecommunications and military applications that require compact, board-to-board RF interconnects. These commercial products utilize the standard SMP interface and provide a high frequency solution that offers reliable performance up to 20 GHz. Higher frequency performance can be reached through PCB optimization analysis using readily available HFSS 3D models. They are constructed using machine brass bodies and contacts on all receptacle interfaces, and available in both smooth bore and limited detent mating configurations. SMP terminators are designed to reduce RF leakage that may occur when interfaces are left open in order to improve performance. These terminators are manufactured with gold plated bodies and contacts, and LCP insulators. The plug version uses beryllium copper for the contact. Terminators are used in any application where you would find an SMP connector, such as quantum computing and test and measurement designs.