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Wideband Signal Test Solution

Wideband Signal Test Solution

Manufacturers of future cellular and wireless systems, infrastructure and amplifiers can now profit from a wideband signal test solution that was previously available only in high end instruments. The company has added an unparalleled internal analysis bandwidth of up to 1 GHz to its R&S FSVA3000 mid-range signal and spectrum analyzer. The new R&S FSV3-B1000 hardware option is available for all models from 7.5 to 44 GHz, while comparable solutions offer just 160 MHz analysis bandwidth. Thanks to its usability and high measurement speed, the R&S FSVA3000 supports manufacturers in the development and production of 5G NR base stations, mobile phones and components, especially in the 28 and 39 GHz bands. The instrument, which also addresses uses in aerospace and defense, as well as automotive applications, can also characterize wideband amplifiers or can be used for troubleshooting, capturing even very short events.